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4 Recommendations of Ogunda Ika: Ifá of order, logic and hierarchy

Ogunda Ika Ifa

Ogunda Ika marks that Olofin must be present to do Ifá.

This is a letter that establishes order and hierarchy, since the human body does not go anywhere if the head does not guide it.

Discipline is fundamental in the life of Ogunda Ika, because without this doctrine the person is lost in life.

Respecting elders and learning to listen to their advice becomes a necessity for the good religious, a person who is also a good son and a good father.

1. True success is found in being able to maintain what has been achieved

Dice the fortune teller Orula that:

In this odun, in overconfidence lies the danger.

The pataki recounts that the collected waters were corrupted in the same way that friendship, love and all matters that the individual took for granted were spoiled.

  • Be careful where you put your savings because it could be stolen.
  • Do not settle for being able to achieve your goals, because true success is found knowing how to maintain everything that has been achieved through sacrifice.

2. In this Ifá the man is great and his fame has left him enemies

The closure of the cycles in the life of human beings arises in this Ifá, where the person must be able to realize when he must be replaced by another who is more suitable to perform his functions.

Do not cling to anything, because in life everything is temporary until the very existence.

In the Ifá Ogunda Ika man is great and his fame has left him many enemies and envy as a reward, keep your secrets well and do not allow anyone to take advantage of your intelligence.

3. Orula advises you not to carry white weapons and avoid conflicts

The use of the knife was born in Ogunda Ika, odun where this instrument was used for domestic, religious and defense purposes.

Orula advises:

  • Do not carry white weapons and
  • avoid conflicts where life is in danger to avoid unnecessary bloodshed and loss of freedom.

4. In this Ifá the weight of conscience is the executioner of man

In this odun, the weight of conscience is the true executioner of man, a sign in which the religious cannot act betraying his principles because he will not find peace within himself.

Respect what your heart tells you and even if things don't happen as you wish, have faith and patience, because they will change.

Nothing on the earth plane is eternal, not even bad things.

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