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Ogunda Irete says: Don't let anyone put their hands on your head

Ogunda Irete says

Responsible sexual behavior is a key point in Ogunda Irete, mainly to:

  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases and
  • second, to avoid unwanted pregnancies, abortions and other gynecological procedures that could affect the couple's reproductive health.

For in this sign the woman, after taking an interruption, will not be able to go out again in a state.

In this sign to prosper the religious must make ebbo at the foot of Elegguá

Orula says that:

When Ogunda Irete undergoes surgery, he must rest to have a good recovery and not have to go back into the operating room.

To achieve prosperity you must:

  • put the Orisha Elegguá a guano hat, a wooden pot and three nails and
  • make ebo with these elements.

Praying above all for the health and unity of the home, so that these ireses are the ones who open the door of the ilé to love, money and good fortune.

Ogunda Irete wins battles when he makes ebbo

In the patio of your house there was a coconut tree that withered, in the trunk of the plant that is still in force you must continue caring for an eggun that has occupied that position since long ago and is one of the main guards of your home. 

For Ogunda Irete to win the battles that life proposes to him, he must do ebbo, because he who does ebbo does everything.

In this odun it is taboo to lend or give away objects that you have placed on your head

Take care of your assets, because what you have in the present, you don't know if you can get it again in the future.

Ogunda Irete says that it is taboo:

  • Lend or give away objects that you have placed on your head such as hats, caps and headbands, because with this action you will be giving away the ashe of your crown.
  • Do not allow anyone to put their hands on your head so that their bad energies do not disturb your leri (head).
  • In his bed no one outside the home should lie down, because without knowing it they will end up leaving in this sacred place the sorceries and the bad energies that inadvertently may be surrounding him.
  • If the person ruled under this Ifá is a woman, take care of her hair, do not cut it or damage it with dyes, because her ashe with men will be in her hair.

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