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Ogunda Meyi: odun who speaks of justice and making decisions to save himself

Ogunda Meji odun

Remember, in the odun Ogunda Meyi never mistreat the children, because your luck will be in them.

Under your roof there are clairvoyant people who see shadows at night, set up a spiritual vault in your house so that the Eggunes family and cord settle and have light and spiritual progress.

In order not to suffer disturbances, fruits are put on Obatalá

A powerful ritual in this sign to avoid the disturbances of the spirits:

  • Fruits are offered to Obatala and
  • After eight days they are taken to a forest as far away as possible from the house.

In the Ogunda Meyi sign, a woman who has been alone for a long time must do ebbo to get married and achieve marital stability.

In your family there are wise people, respect gray hair and learn to listen

Ogunda Meji must sit in the spiritual vault to develop the gift she was born with, to communicate with the spirits.

The practice of spiritism will bring development and harmony to your life.

Remember that there are wise people in your family, you should always respect gray hair and learn to listen to advice so that you have fewer setbacks in life.

In this sign it is taboo:

  • Neglect physical appearance and health.
  • The religious cannot have dental pathologies, because a piece in poor condition could trigger complications that would even lead to death.

Obatalá the Orisha owner of our head in Ogunda Meyi blessed the majá 

The Orisha owner of all the heads in the Yoruba Pantheon, Obatalá, in Ogunda Meyi blessed the majá and for this reason the religious governed by this letter must respect this animal and is strictly prohibited from killing it.

Saint Lazarus Blessed and Yewá are two deities to receive throughout your life, Orishas who emphasize the importance of taking care of your health, loving and respecting yourself more with each passing day.

This sign speaks of justice, where you must make decisions in time to save yourself.

To overcome serious difficulties:

  • Oggun is given a dog and reinforced with iron tools and surgical instruments.

Respect the children and never commit violations with them because the Jimaguas will not forgive you.

Ogunda Meyi is an odun that marks justice, it is important to make decisions in time to save yourself, and above all to have a better future.

He warns the man that he must have clear accounts with the legal authority so as not to lose his freedom.

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