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Los Ojitos de Santa Lucía ≫ Protective amulet against the evil eye

Little eyes of Santa Lucía

Santa Lucía She is the patron saint of sight, the poor, the blind, and sick children. Its name is related to the term light, a virtue of which it enjoys. His festival is celebrated on December 13 in the Catholic Religion.

The tradition of wearing the eyes of Santa Lucia comes from Christianity, as Lucia suffered brutal torture without refusing her religious beliefs.

In the midst of the agony, her eyes were gouged out, and she was later killed. Due to her firm attitude despite the martyrdoms she suffered and the miracles that occurred as a result of her death and invocation by the believers, the Catholic Church canonized her, leaving her presence in the enjoyment of the most fraternal affection on the part of those who consider their devotees. 

Ojitos de Santa Lucía, protecting from the evil eye

In Cuba this Saint Lucia receives special adoration as the religious beg for protection against the evil eye, an affection over which the saint protects.

This evil is related to the damages suffered as a result of envy and other evils that arise through the gaze of those who have bad intentions towards their fellow men.

The evil eye can manifest itself consciously or unconsciously.

Which is capable of causing an important spiritual imbalance in those who receive it, it is believed that newborns are susceptible in the first line, then children and beautiful women, followed by the rest of people who do well.

This evil can affect plants, animals or objects that have some special attraction in equal measure.

How to detect and ward off the evil eye?

It is considered that a person has been affected with the evil eye when it appears withered, which translates into excessive fatigue, lack of appetite, discouragement, insomnia, nightmares, bad luck and other misfortunes, which seem to never stop.

There are many methods to avoid and eradicate the evil eye, among these we find the popular use of a ribbon or garment of the same color, although the most famous amulet on the island is the jet or little eye of Santa Lucía, which is no more than a small golden brooch from which two little eyes or two pebbles, one black and the other red, hang.

This protection can be used as a pendant on chains in the same way that it is in the form of a brooch. Before use, this amulet must be blessed with holy water, since in this way it acquires the blessing of Saint Lucia.

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