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How did the "Eye of Divine Providence" arise for the Yoruba?

Eye of divine providence

"Divine justice takes time, but it comes", is a phrase that we hear very often which exemplifies the fact that the eye of divine providence watches over our actions.

Same actions that are punished or rewarded depending on the character of the action, hence the presence of heavenly justice.

The eternal vigil of divine providence It also has a place for the protection of the human being who is often saved by the work and grace of the holy spirit in situations where the only possible way out is the existence of a miracle.

Pataki: The eye of divine providence "the all-seeing"

Representation of the Eye of divine providence
Representation of the Eye of divine providence

The pataki relates that once Shango He asked one of his sons to sacrifice a ram for him.

He quickly went out in search of said animal in order to satisfy his father's needs.

Once he found it, he returned home to immolate the animal to the Orisha and thus satisfy his wishes.   

As the days passed, Shango continued to ask for the sacrifice of the ram despite the fact that his descendant always complied with his wishes.

Why didn't Shango satisfy his desires?

Dejected, the young man decided to visit orula so that he could help him solve his problem, because he did not understand how if he made sacrifices to his father every day, he was not satisfied or was unable to see him.

Orumila consulted the son of Shango, leaving him a letter by which his father spoke, who continually asked him to sacrifice a ram, since a sacrifice was made before his representation:

But since they did not put the head of the animal in question, the Orisha could not distinguish if it was really a ram or not.

The look that watches over our actions!

From that moment on, the tradition of placing the heads of the animals sacrificed to the saints was born so that they could see the immolation of who it came from with their eyes.

Thus arising the presence of the gaze of divine providence on humans, which continuously and tirelessly watches over our actions.

When a religious consults with Orula and this odun comes out of Ejiogbe Iroso, it is advisable to receive Oddua If you do not have it and take care of it if it has already been received.

Because this saint is one of the representations of divine providence within the Yoruba pantheon.

The santero is exhorted to always do good above all things and people to fulfill the word of Olodumare and thus have a clear conscience.

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