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What brand does Ojuani Eyiogbe? 8 Warnings “the good and the bad”

Ojuani Eyiogbe Ifa

May Elegguá have the eyes and mouth of snails so that he warns Olofin and Orula of all events, Ojuani Eyiogbe is born in Ifá, a sign in which man learned about the crystal and began to use it daily.

In this letter the good and the bad in the world arose at the same time, unleashing the continuous struggle between good and evil.

In this Ifá the religious must know that the most important thing in life is not money, because the latter is not capable of buying health, tranquility or happiness.

1. Ojuani Eyiogbe tells the man to receive Obatalá and Ochanlá

Ojuani Eyiogbe tells man to receive Obatalá so that peace comes to his life, Baba is an Orisha who offers intelligence and temperance above all things. As this is a sign strongly governed by the Orisha, owner of all the heads, the religious throughout his life must also receive Ochanlá.

Ritual to have evolution and I will go:

  • In this odun, a chicken is offered to Elegguá so that stability is not lost and the Arayeses do not enter the ilé (problems at home).

2. Orumila advises him to moderate his character

  • Both the man and the woman governed by this Ifá should not baptize any person.
  • You cannot keep belongings of others, because in the event of a theft you will have to answer for the lost belongings.
  • In this sign the religious is prohibited from lending his personal items.
  • Orumila advises you to moderate your character so as not to lose your reason, for a lack of respect you can lose your life, avoid being blinded by impulsiveness.

3. I accompanied youaña a missionary spirit of Saint Lazarus

In this sign, rheumatic ailments are suffered, affecting the joints and the spine.

The religious accompanied himaña a missionary spirit of Saint Lazarus to whom he must offer:

  • A roasted fish with corojo butter, toasted corn and smoked jutía.

Among its obligations is to protect their children, even to their own shortcomings. You must be a good father so that you can collect good deeds from your children.

Do not visit places where there are conflicting people and liars, do not consume alcoholic beverages in excess and keep bad vices out of your life.

4. En trust is in danger, trust no one

In Ifá Ojuani Eyiogbe the biggest bears you can have the religious are selfishness and greed.

Be careful, in this letter there is danger in trust, you cannot blindly trust anyone. You can't carry weapons, because in a moment of anger he can take someone's life.

Ifá says that you must learn to be patient so that better opportunities come your way. By acting intelligently, you will achieve great victories in life.

5. In Ojuani Eyiogbe Elegguá wanted everyone to do his will

  • To avoid visual disturbances, you should wear dark glasses.
  • Respect Oyá and learn to interpret its warnings.
  • In this odun Elegguá wanted everyone around him to do his will, you are a person of strong character, you must Avoid wanting to continually influence people's lives that surround him, because each one has the right to make his own decisions.

6. You made a commitment that you want to dissolve and you are unable to do so

In this sign people they fight for different points of view, despite both being right in what they propose.

The religious in Ojuani Eyiogbe contracted a commitment that he wishes to dissolve and cannot do so because this action it will do you more harm than good.

On your way to the one you find on the floor, do not help him get up because this person will progress and you will fall behind.

7. Work at the foot of Elegguá against enemies

In this sign Elegguá is a bulwark of incalculable value, which deserves respect and devotion.

To defeat enemies in Ojuani Eyiogbe:

  • A razor is attached to which the names and surnames of the enemies are chalked and it is covered with red and black thread.
  • This is placed in the fryer of Elegguá.
  • On some occasions a black and red cap is placed on Elegguá and other times a black and white cap is put on.

8. In Ojuani Eyiogbe the religious makes ebbó with the yefa of Orula

This letter says that a happy marriage is your luck.

In Ojuani Eyiogbe the religious when making ebbó be baña with the yefa of Orula and throw the rest of the yefa at the front door of the house.

You should respect the advice of Orula if you want to have a bear-free future.

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