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What does Ojuani Irete say? Don't waste your life in other people's battles

ojuani irete

In Ojuani Irete the woman is the brain of the homeIf you and your partner struggle together to achieve your goals, sooner or later you will achieve them. For you to have marital stability, you must have good communication with your partner.

You can't raise your hand to older people because it will fall into disgrace. 

Do not be guided by gossip, see what happened through their eyes and then draw your conclusions.

1. A great adversity is solved by attributing a sacrifice to Olokun

In Ojuani Irete three guatacas are offered to Orumila, when the religious is a priest of Ifá, he invokes Orumila by sounding one of the guatacas.

When you go through a great adversity, this will be solved by attributing a sacrifice to Olokun, since in Ojuani Irete Olofin went down to the bottom of the sea.

In this sign the action of inheriting orishas and religious commitments was born, being you the one of fulfill the promises that a relative of his made to the Orishas and could not fulfill in life.

2. Ifá forbids him to eat a rooster, this animal saves him

Ritual for health in the name of Eleggua:

  • Three guavas are put to Elegguá with corojo butter and honey from bees.
  • When the fruits ripen they must be tested.

Ifá in Ojuani Irete prohibits eating a rooster, because through the sacrifice of this animal you will be saved from adversity.

if you are happy take care of your marriage because when you lose your life partner you will suffer regret. You are a person of good luck and great ideas for business, to succeed in life. must have the spirits and the Orishas.

3. Learn to apologize when you make mistakes

You must have extreme caution when entering a vessel, because among the doctrines of his life must be respect for the sea and its depths.

You must learn to ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes, avoid upsetting your parents and attend to them, be grateful to those who have extended their hand.

Shangó and Elegguá are two stronghold Orishas in your life, respect them and comply with them so that you are rewarded with blessings, mainly with health.

You You must not cut roots with your native home, go back home to visit your parents and grandparents, because every time you do, your family will bless you and give you love and good advice.

4. Receive Olokun for stability, seat, rest and long life

This Ifá relates that the owl was queen and that during the night he sang when he saw the spirits.

In Ojuani Irete, Aregue was born, the daughter of Olokun, who kept some of the secrets of the bottom of the sea. You must respect Olokun and his children and receive this deity to achieve stability, rest, rest and long life on the earth plane. , Olokun is the deity that represents health, the family, the home and comes into the lives of all religious to bring them blessings and prosperity.

5. Do not reveal where you keep your savings, they could rob you

Be careful, because in this odun the person is a victim of robbery, Insure your home and your belongings well so that you do not suffer their deficiencies. Do not reveal to anyone where you keep your savings because they will leave you with nothing. Orumila warns you through this letter to be careful, because the enemies conspire against you to harm you, you have had conflicts with the law on behalf of third parties.

Don't waste your life in other people's battles, fight only your wars and those of your family because despite your displays of loyalty, humanity will repay you with ingratitude.

6. Respect the sea and its depths

It is vital that the religious have respect for the sea, especially its depths, because in salt water you could have a hard time or have a revelation and get scared. You are forbidden bañaGoing into the sea after having ingested alcoholic beverages, because in an episode of loss of consciousness or cramps you could drown.

Do not take or care for other people's children on the beachBecause if something happens to them under your responsibility, you will answer to the authorities.

7. Orula warns you to acquire your earnings honestly

Educate your children correctly so that they become good men and women, because in this sign the father has problems with his children due to their disobedience, his mission as a father will be to guide his children and correct their mistakes.

You like to have economic development, Orula warns you to acquire your earnings honestly, because ambition will be a bear in your life, by ambition the person is lost, never come to commit unseemly acts in exchange for money, stay well with your conscience and know that:

Not even all the money in the world pays for freedom or tranquility. 

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