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In Ojuani Iwori Eleguá lives on a guataca to bring evolution

Ojuani Iwori Eleguá

In Ojuani Iwori the warrior orisha Elegguá lives on a guataca with a line nail next to it, and with the noise caused by the sonar of this agricultural instrument, Elegguá is summoned to perform evolutions at twelve o'clock at night.

In this sign, the person does witchcraft to save himself, but also to take revenge on his enemies.

What does the sign of Ifá advise us? Ojuani Iwori?

Ojuani Iwori says that you:

  • He is a sentimental person and for this reason people try to take advantage of his good heart, do not trust that everything that glitters is not gold.
  • He must arm himself for war, because his enemies will not rest in their desire to destroy him.  

1. Ojuani Iwori represents the land without government

You must receive Orunmila for stability to come into your life.

Ojuani Iwori represents the land without government, Ifá where the religious must carry his head on his shoulders and know how to organize his ideas so that he can obtain everything he sets out to do.

  • In this letter you don't walk naked around the house because Elegguá gets scared, too it is taboo to whistle.

2. Orula says that a disorganized life will lead to perdition

In Ojuani Iwori Ifá marks that a life without organization will lead to perdition:

  • You have to live knowing what you want,
  • Always set new goals
  • there can be no room for disorder in his house because with it the osogbos will arrive.

You have a duty to respect those around you if you want to receive respect from them.

Do not judge or criticize any religion, be tolerant and focus on your life and first correct your defects and then try to fix the world.

3. You must improve your character so that you do not face conflicts

This odun marks a path where the transformation of character is fundamental, if the religious does not learn the good way, he will do it the hard way.

  • In Ojuani Iwori the religious has to improve his character so that he does not face so many problems of coexistence.
  • When possible, look for your independence, because under your roof the rules will be set by you.

Ebbó for Prosperity

  • you accompaniedañaTwo of his elders go to the sea with a rooster and make ebbo there.

Ifá says that, if you are able to make sacrifices in life, in the long run, you will have everything you deserve.

The power of spirituality was born in this odun. You should receive the sun's rays every day and ask Olorun for his blessing.

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