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Ojuani Ofun: Where Yemayá and Oshún became inseparable

Ojuani Ofun Yemaya Oshun

Ifá says that in Ojuani Ofun the river and the sea were united, this is the letter in which Yemayá and Oshún became inseparable, so the religious born in this sign is the son of the Two Waters and must attend to Yemayá and Oshún on a par.

Ojuani Ofun brand to visit the union of the river and the sea and ask there for the blessing of both Orishas, ​​this is the place where you will go when you have to talk with Oshun and Yemaya and when you need to overcome difficulties.

In this Odun must say every day Maferefún Eggun!

Deaths and mortuary procedures were born in Ojuani Ofun odun in which you must say every day Maferefún Eggun (spirits), because his dead have saved him from dissimilar battles that even you yourself don't know.

You are a muertero and a collector, pay attention to your dreams, because through these the spirits will send you a message, make sure that the vault of your ile (house) is always attended.

the religious falls into bear by neglecting his appearance

The door should not be opened suddenly, nor run away from the shouts coming from the street, because you could pick up an osogbo (bad luck) that does not belong to you or witness an apparition.

In this odun falls in osogbo when the religious gives rise to personal abandonment and begins to neglect his appearance and hygiene.

They have done witchcraft to you so that you do not prosper

The person governed under this sign takes powers without having the power to do so, a fact that will eventually bring conflicts. don't be nosy, because after looking so much where you shouldn't, you will find things that you really do not want to come to light.

In Ojuani Ofun, the religious have done witchcraft work so that he does not prosper, go on foot from Orumila and make ebo so that disturbances do not stain your astrality.

Your marriage will fail due to personal neglect and your obligations, if you want a prosperous home you must work on it, give love to your children and your partner and dedicate time to them, put aside the excessive hours of work and share the responsibility of having a happy family.

You must receive Orumila in his life so that he can be happy and find the stability that he lacks.

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