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Oshún says in Ojuani Oshe that you are sitting on money

ojuani oshe

In Ojuani Oshe says Oshun that the religious is sitting on money, you are a lucky person, but sometimes you are not able to notice the opportunities that come your way:

  • Open your eyes so that your life continues to flourish and you can receive all the blessings that Oshun wishes to send you.

Always respect Yalorde and have a faith as unconditional as the love that this saint has for you, Oshun in your life is a treasure.

Speak quietly and do not interfere in matters that do not concern you

This letter commands the religious to dress in white and crown Osha to:

  • Health,
  • stability,
  • seat,
  • rest and
  • expiration of causes and difficulties.

To overcome difficulties in this odun:

  • Elegguá is given three gio gio (chick) and is taken for a walk around the block.

Three powerful advice to the religious:

  1. Respect your elders and speak quietly and do not interfere in matters that do not correspond to you.
  2. In his family there is a child that everyone has left aside, this child must be taken care of, because in the future he will be the head of the family.
  3. Do not underestimate any human being, because in the eyes of Olofin and the Orishas we are all children of Olodumare.

Respect everyone's sexual preferences and do not judge anyone

  • You must help everyone who comes to your door in an emergency situation to the best of your ability.
  • Never make fun of any person with physical defects, because you do not know what happened to him and how this human being feels about it.
  • Respect the sexual preferences of all people and do not judge anyone.

Many blessings will come to you for a woman

You must beg the Father Orisha Obatalá for his health and for his purposes, so that the Orisha, owner of all heads, covers him with his mantle and provides him with intelligence and wisdom.

Warnings to be respected in this sign:

  • Many blessings will come to you for a woman, never disrespect any of these.
  • Don't mistreat anyone who comes near you.
  • Know how to listen to what your peers have to say and then draw your own conclusions.
  • You must fully train the sense of observation.
  • Do not trust everything they tell you, look for evidence before convicting.

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