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Ojuani Otura's advice: your worst bear is living wandering in the world

Ojuani Otura

Ifá of moorings, deceit and curses, odun where the quimbisa was born, emerging the pact between the eggun and the quimbicero. 

In this sign the religious should not live in adulteryMarriage being the seal that will give stability to the family, infidelity in Ojuani Otura ends in tragedy.

Don't listen to gossip, stay out of what does not apply to you.

What advice does Ifá give to the religious in Ojuani Otura?

1. Due to pride and self-sufficiency, the person loses himself

Ojuani Otura warns that the religious does not want to recognize the virtues that his peers possess and instead prefers to appreciate only his own, in this odun out of pride and self-sufficiency the person loses himself, so in this sign the religious must cultivate good customs and values so that his future does not collapse, because this is an odun in which the person was born to be great, while Ojuani Otura takes the right path he will be a great friend, son and husband, but if he chooses the path of pride he will be feared and a potentially dangerous enemy.

2. Never blaspheme or lie to Yemayá

In this Ifá the religious is brave, he is known as the odun of the gladiator, where the person is capable of going to the end in order to achieve their goals.

The success of the religious governed by this letter is found in respecting and assimilating the advice of the Orisha Yemayá, Orisha stronghold in Ojuani Otura, never blaspheme or lie to the mother of the world, because only she knows the secrets that you keep in your heart.

3. Ifá says that you cannot live whims

Ifá says that you should analyze the consequences of their actions before leaving for the first.

  • in osogbo (negative situations) mental illnesses are lived in this sign.
  • You cannot live under the domination of any person, nor allow anyone to take away your space.
  • Orumila always advises you Spend your time on things of value Do not consume toxic substances or fall into vices.

4. The religious ruled by Ojuani Otura must receive Olokun

In Ojuani Otura the religious must receive Olokun so that they do not lack health or stability, offer him love and faith and place addimús (offerings) so that this powerful deity recognizes his virtues and needs.

In this Ifá the recognition of people through fingerprints was born, do not commit illegalities so that you do not incur in judicial lawsuits, truth and justice will hunt you eternally, don't tell lies so you don't fall into bears.

5. TheChe tirelessly for always having a goal

Ojuani Otura establishes that the peacock is embarrassed when looking at its legs, you are a person who suffers from complexes, you do not think before acting and when you analyze what you did you regret it, when the peacock dies in the house of the religious you must do ituto.

As long as you are respectful he will achieve everything he sets his mind to.

Do not live wandering in this world because you will fall behind, fight tirelessly to always have a goal to achieve and a purpose to dream of, because in this odun It is the duty of the religious to feed his soul with projects and goodness. 

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