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4 Tips from Ojuani Oyekun: No one is denied food

Ojuani Oyekun

Ojuani Oyekun is a Ifá of disobedience and distrust, the religious ruled by this odun believes in what he sees and needs to corroborate the facts through evidence.

You are not a manipulable personHe is not afraid and expresses what he feels openly, he only does not take this position when it is more feasible for him to go unnoticed.

They have wanted to blackmail you and even so they have not been able to overcome it.

What warnings does the odun Ojuani Oyekun mark?

1. You must always do good, even if the world pays you badly

In this odun was born to consecrate to Eggun in sacrifice a jicotea or a jutía.

Difficulties and wars are looming on your person, tie your waist with a red and white strip and ask Shango so that this Orisha can make the battle his own.

Orumila says that:

In this sign, food is not denied to anyone, since through this action the person makes ebo.

the religious must always do good, even if the world pays him badly, the Orishas will take care of rewarding him with health and tranquility.

2. Respect the sea and pay homage to Yemaya and Olokun

Ojuani Oyekun must have respect for excessive abundance because with this misfortunes will also come.

You are a person who has gone through difficulties in life and that he has known how to make his way despite the hostilities.

as long as you live, must respect the sea and pay homage to the goddess Yemaya and Olokun who rule in it, don't delve into its depths nor profane its secrets, you cannot have diving as a leisure activity, because in the entrancesañas of the sea can have a revelation and pass away.

In this Ifá avoid emigrating across the ocean without first having consulted with Yemaya.

3. Oyá The owner of the bear defends the priest and cradles him in her lap

This is a sign in which evolution is reached, but if intelligence is not used, everything turns to salt and water.

warrior Oyá The owner of the bear arrives defending the religious and protects him, since one of the pataki of this letter reveals the story of how Shangó gave Yansa a son.

The owner of this Ifá must always have a fresh head and learn not to leave for the first. Through the mediation of this odun you should become a more devoted person.

4. A bad decision can cost you your life. in Ojuani Oyekun

  • Have mass for your deceased relatives so that they continue to enjoy light and spiritual progress.
  • Always keep in mind that a bad decision can cost you life.
  • Ifá says that you You should take more care of your guardian angelBecause when nobody in the world loves him, he will never stop loving him.
  • Cool Elegguá and give him a gift of grace to keep the roads open for you and your family.

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