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Ojuani advises the santero: The only way to win a fight is to avoid it


Ojuani is a sign with peculiar characteristicsFor this reason, the santero should not take views of coconut and should not ingest said fruit, as this is an element of worship for the Osha and the Orishas.

In this letter special worship and adoration is rendered to Oshun the deity who owns sweetness and honey already Asojano the miraculous Orisha.

Saints to whom it is strictly forbidden to make false promises and to whom care must be taken, as they are considered bastions in the life of the santero.

To this it is recommended to receive said Orishas as soon as possible as far as possible.

Tips to be respected in the Ojuani sign

Ojuani tips

Under this odun one does not travel down the street at night and one tries to walk better alone than in bad company.añado, because large groups of people loosely bring harm to the santeros who are governed under this sign, those who usually cause problems on public roads and then take refuge behind the image of their companions.

Be careful to avoid spiritual backwardness and greater evils

Osha recommends not attending funerals or funerals because these actions bring spiritual backwardness for the religious, who is exposed to pick up any curse or bad influence that will cause damage in his life.

It is taboo in this odun to make jokes in bad taste, to be an intermediary between two people who are fighting, public fights and to push other people even if it is joking, since these actions can lead to greater evils.

In many cases such serious consequences as accidentally taking the life of the adversary, a crime that is paid for with the deprivation of liberty of the person or with the physical existence itself.

Act without revenge and consult decisions with the Orishas

Avoid spiritual backwardness in Ojuani

Taking revenge and carrying firearms or other weapons is strictly prohibited.

You should not leave the country or make any other type of trip without first consulting with your saints since they are in charge of guiding the person whether or not it is the right time to do so.

These are the ones that will locate the religious on what ceremony to perform to save himself and avoid misfortunes.

Drive away greed and take care of clothing

In this sign greed is punished and the wearing of red and black clothes is established as a taboo, as they are considered bad luck for the person, they bring backwardness and keep good fortune away.

Striped patterns and dingy tones should be avoided in the same way.

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