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4 Tips from Okana Iroso: To the land that you are, do what you see

Okana Iroso

Okana Iroso is an odun to meditate, because in its interpretation the religious can reach many conclusions, some favorable and others negative, but in the same necessary ways, in this sign it is understood why the atiponla herb and the bitter broom do not occur in the same place and why Human beings, even if they live together, are not the same.

Under this letter is born the reason that misery in the world comes through the hands of Olofin, as a punishment for the ambition and arrogance of human beings.

1. Sign of usurpation, of loss of position

The religious ruled by Okana Iroso is in the duty of ask your guardian angel or Orumila what to do before doing any undertaking.

It is essential that the woman be zealous in the care of your breasts, since the oncoproliferative processes of the mammary tissue are born in this Ifá.

Okana Iroso is an odun of:

  • Usurpation, loss of position and health at the hands of stress, envy and lack of rest.

2. Marks the beginning of many processes

Ifá says that the eruptions of volcanoes, unexpected events and the impulsive character of people were born here.

The odun Okana Iroso marks the beginning of many processes, including the formation of human life through the development of the fetus, gestation being the moment in which parents transmit their joys and fears to their offspring through the womb, that's why you talk to the child in a positive way and avoid having disagreements and discussions.

3. The one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind

Okana Iroso is an odun of curses, to make ebbó and leave it on top of a hill to improve in life. In this letter, homage is paid to Obatala, Greater Orisha, owner of peace and of all heads.

In this Ifá things are spoken backwards of what is desired so that they are given, it is also said that the one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind, and that there are always those who remain one-eyed to see the other blind man, affirming that the enemies will not care about him.añarse in order to see you harmed.

4. Orula tells him not to torment himself for wanting to fix the world

Warns Okana Iroso that when the framboyáit is not blooming misfortunes, epidemics and death will come. 

Orumila advises the earth to go, do what you see and do not torment yourself for wanting to fix the world, because the world has no solution, don't take all responsibilities to heart existing because these frankly do not belong to you, do as much as you can.

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