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7 Tips from Okana Ofun: Chase and Obstacles Lyrics

Okana Ofun Lyrics

The rabbit is a sacred animal in Okana Ofun, it is taboo to eat and hunt it. This is a letter of persecution, whether due to marital jealousy, enemies or justice, the person is watched.

You can't do business with people who are not sexually defined.

Say every day when you wake up Maferefún Oggún and Maferefún Orumila, Orishas who never abandon you, you must receive Orumila and the warrior Orishas so that stability is not lacking in your life and you achieve a path to follow in life.

1. Orumila marks learning to be content and regret

Cotton, prodigiosa, guabina and majagua are the sacred ewes (herbs) of this Ifá, with which the religious will overcome difficulties.

Remember that Ifá tells you the need to learn to be content with what you have and not live regretting what you have not achieved, because In time everything will come.

Be obedient to warnings that the saints perform, because they are able to see what we are not able to see.

In this odun disobedience pays dearly, the person will not be happy if they do not first learn to value and respect themselves as a human being, you cannot give away your position anymore, do not be ashamed to demand what is yours.

2. In this Ifá the wind speaks, it represents ephemeral things

Beware of skin rashes repetition mainly due to atopies, be careful so that it does not remain marked.

In this letter the family is in danger of dissolving product of misunderstandings and external influences of people who, motivated by envy, wish them harm.

In Okana Ofun the wind speaks, it represents things that are ephemeral, that arrive unexpectedly and also leave, in this odun we must know how to take advantage of opportunities because once they let go there is no turning back.

3. You have development, but you don't know how to manage yourself

Okana Ofun talks about economic problems, The person has development, but is not capable of managing himself and therefore finds himself experiencing deficiencies.

You should learn to grow in the face of difficulties and not think that any adversity you go through will be a defeat. 

Don't listen to comments or be guided From what others say, stick with what you can verify and with your experience rather than with gossip.

4. The secret is in the moon and willpower

Okana Ofun marks prayer of the lerí (head) with guabina, to cool the head and provide the religious with health and wisdom.

Ifá that has its secret in the moon, powerful star that grants man his wishes, the nights when the moon is brightest are the right ones to talk to her, ask for her blessing and tell her about your plans and wishes.

Ifá says that the person has in his spiritual picture an Indian entity that watches over his steps, protecting him from all evil, which must be represented and attended to, paying him among others addimú (offering):

  • Sunflowers,
  • tobacco,
  • dry wine (in other countries it can be white cooking wine).

5. Orula advises you to talk before making decisions

The woman ruled by this odun has great intelligence, was born to be a godmother at Osha and has a religious people waiting at the door of her house.

The osogbos of this sign They are arrogance and pride, defects by which a person is lost.

Marriage can be broken due to pride in Okana Ofun, a lyric in which when the couple separates they do not return, Orula advises them to discuss marital differences before making decisions starting with the first one, It is better to evaluate the benefits and harms that will bring such determination taking into account that no human being is perfect.

6. In this odun you suffer from your eyesight, go to the doctor

In Okana Ofun people suffer from eye ailments, among other entities the religious are affected by glaucoma, a pathology that must be treated so that the person does not progress towards blindness, in the same way they must be controlled hypertension and diabetes chronic diseases that take the eyes as target organs in response to their complications.

The best ebbó that can be made It will be at the foot of the doctor following up on your condition.  

7. Carelessness is a taboo in this odun

Do not be carefree, because by taking this behavior, plans fall apart and good fortune disappears, you must have greater concern for:

  • What happens to him,
  • find solutions to your problems and
  • Apply alternatives that make your life easier.

Don't live in the past, always look to the future and it will be easier for you to achieve your goals, motivate yourself, and have reasons to continue working hard.

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