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Okana Otura's advice: For not spending money on the ebbó, he falls into osogbo

Okana Otura

Your bear lies in the liesTell the truth no matter how strong it may seem. By not spending the money to make ebbó the person falls into osogbo, don't be stingy. Be careful for greedy, don't lose everything in life.

  • In order for you to achieve your goals, you must make character adjustments.
  • realize yourself periodically rogations upside down so you don't lose your memory.
  • Go to consultation for check teeth, It is not going to be that he suffers infections and worsens his state of health.

1. Do not keep packages in your ilé that you do not know what they contain

For this odun the religious You should not abuse the intake of beverages alcoholic. Stomach, duodenal and vesicular ailments are frequent in Okana Otura, a letter where the religious must take care of his diet to avoid the triggering of said conditions.

Be careful around people who can hurt you a mooring to master it. The man ruled by this sign may be forced to admit a pregnancy that does not belong to him.

Be careful when storing in your ile (home) packages that you do not know what they contain, they may be articles persecuted by justice and you become involved in legal matters.

2. Okana Otura must be away from alcohol, cigarettes and vices

Receive Orumila so that stability in your life never lacks. You must say every day Shango, Elegguá and Yemayá Orishas of the Pantheon who defend it above all things.

Avoid problems with justice, in this odun product to illegalities losses are suffered.

In this odun there is a great affinity between the person and their spirit guide, entity that the religious summons for joys and adversities.

The religious must be away from alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and other vices, he must live away from all behaviors that can transform your character negatively.

3. Work the spiritual field so that everything flows well

  • You should tie one's waist with a green belt, so that no curse can disturb him.
  • In Okana Otura to strengthen the person is given a big dick a la leri (head).
  • In this sign is peach consumption is prohibited, because with that fruit the awo will save himself by making ebbó.

The religious must work the spiritual field so that in his life everything continues to flow correctly, without unnecessary setbacks, in this letter the person was born with the gift of clairvoyance.

This is an odun that speaks of leadership, but in order to succeed as a leader, one must give the example at all times.

4. Okana Otura, the Ifá of the wasp, marks cunning and impulsiveness

In Okana Otura the separation of the Sun and the Moon took place, assigning the existence of the sun during the day and the presence of the moon at night, Ifá that warns family and marital separations.

This is the Ifá of the wasp, since the wasp is born, it leaves its home to try its luck for the world, this is a letter that describes a strong person, talks about loneliness and rejection for reasons of character, odun that marks the disgust of the saints for lack of respect towards them.

5. The mouth for not having made ebbó was condemned to curse

Ifá says that the branches separate from the trunks and the children separate from the parents, the godchildren from the godparents and leave home.

This is an odun of win independenceWhen leaving, the person founds a new home and creates a new extension of his religious house.

The mouth, for not having made ebbó, was condemned to the fact that everything it ingests with pleasure ends up discarding the organism and cursing people and with this he earned the contempt of humanity.

6. Do not go to parties or crowded places without first doing ebbó

  • The religious governed by this odun the abdomen should not be squeezed with girdles because you are at risk of hernias.
  • In women's Okana Otura brand uterine prolapse.
  • You should Eat slow and complying with schedules so that the food makes him digest well and he does not get sick.
  • By cause of gossip, the person becomes an enemy of his neighbors. 
  • The religious should not go to parties or crowded places without first doing ebbó, they could confuse you with someone else and get hurt.

7. The wasp governs this odun, a poisonous animal that attacks its enemy

The wasp governs this poisonous animal odun that attacks its enemy and does not stop, despite the fact that its opponent is larger than it, the religious must inherit the cunning of the wasp, but not its wickedness, because in osogbo the person can act in a ruthless way.

In order for you to find more open doors as you go through life, you must shape your character a bit, not acting impulsively and knowing how to counteract anger at times when it is better to keep a fresh mind.

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