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The Okana sign ≫ The Osha Prohibitions for Santeros

Okana santeria

okana It is a sign that devotes special emphasis to the prohibition of the casting of curses, since the Osha (Santeria) establishes that said bad wishes return to the person who invoked them in one way or another, causing damage to the life of the santero.

This odun establishes as a basic norm the realization of good for others because nothing does more justice to this statement than the popular phrase:

Do not do evil because yours is walking.

Do you know the taboos that the Okana Sign establishes in Santeria?

Beware of fire in Okana

Beware of the fire

It is recommended not to leave candles or sources of fire lit when leaving the house or when going to sleep, as this sign predicts human and material losses at the hands of the candle and accidents.

In the same way, the taboo of allowing the candles that are placed on the saints or the Eggunes to be consumed in their entirety is established, since the Osha establishes that this is considered an omen of backwardness and diseases.

No curse

Do not curse in Okana

When a religious hala Okana should not blaspheme the saints, since they are attentive to such faults, even applying severe punishments for their unbelief.

Avoid misunderstandings and discord

The santeros over which this letter governs are strictly prohibited from clarifying gossip and meddling in other people's discussions.

Much less cause lawsuits, especially in which the direct descendants of Oshún may be involved, since the ruling deity of honey can be offended with the santero and make his fate bitter.

Clothes are neither shared nor given away

It is strictly sanctioned in this odun that the person gives away clothing, because it is believed that with this action he is giving away his own luck, which he will probably never be able to recover again.

Always with humility and with the elderly

Respect for the elders in Okana

It is advisable to save money for difficult times, in Okana the santero must be humble and stay away from ostentation.

This sign establishes that they do not attend religious festivities without their elders, in the same way that they do not visit places where they have not been invited because these absences could bring with them the emergence of displeasure and embarrassment.

When Okana leaves no one is denied food, because the indolence of not helping the needy severely displeases Elegguá who closes the roads to the selfish and to people with a bad heart.

Take care of food and illness

In this odun it is recommended to pay special care to the preparation of the food because the diseases of the digestive system related to the ingestion of food in poor condition surface causing severe damage.

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