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Oke, Oggue and Orisha Oko, protectors of the earth

Oke santeria

Oke, Oggue and Orisha Oko They are known as the industrious, the Orishas related to all the movements of the earth.

These three deities unite with each other to help those who work the land and the fields and their representative elements have to do with the mountains.añas, the farmland, the animals and the savannah.

Orishas trilogy of abundance

They are directly involved in the work of agriculture and the countryside, they are providers of food, abundance and good crops.

We must ask these powerful deities when in the crops we need the sacred water of the rain, when the lands are infertile, to avoid natural disasters that are capable of splitting the earth, ask for an abundance of food and for the health of the animals.

Oke on the hill

Oke is the Orisha of the elevations like the hills, the mountainsañas and of the heights of the earth in general, represents the firmness of mother earth. It is related to fertility and good harvests.

It is represented as a noble Orisha who can spiritually convert a man according to the precepts of Olodumare the Supreme God.

It is inseparable from obbatala and he lives on the floor in front of the basket, but in some cases he is located next to Obatalá. Its receptacle is a flat fryer, which contains its only otá, which is round and flat, white, black or caramel in color and which must be covered with cotton.

Orisha Oko in the savannah

Orisha Oko represents for her part, the savannas, lands and cultivated fields and it is to the saint that all those who work pray to give them good harvests, to avoid pests and diseases in the crops.

It helps all the tasks performed in the most difficult terrain to prosper.

Orisha Oko has her representation also in agricultural work and crops and protects the plow and plow.

He is also considered an arbitrator of disputes, a hard worker and a keeper of secrets. Prayers for economic and home improvements are destined for him, as he provides food and helps us prosper.

Oggue in the herds

Oggue is the Orisha of horned animals and herds. It is represented by two ox jars being loaded and sealed and is the third in this powerful trilogy of protective orishas.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Ògué (horn, ostentation) and it is offered and immolated just like a Shango for his closeness to that Orisha.

When they come together Orisha Oko, Oke and Oggue, they are responsible for the crops, the rains and the internal fire. They are orishas so strong that they can make the earth give birth and devour until they dissipate, the corpses that Yewá gives them, Oyá and Babalu Aye.

Prayer to Orisha Oko: Owner of the crops

Orishaoko afefé iku ofe eye uwe okorín k¡ chiche fun owuro kutukutu cuelú na n¡le nibo gbogbo na wa, Orishaoko alabobo ilé nitosi fu agbara nitosi rigba si gbogbo awa bawo choncho nitosi ch¡ remu unye, fumi aleye Baba Orishaoko oducue.

Translated into Spanish:

Saint of the field and of the earth, wind of the dead, wants bañarse with blood, man who works for the mañaNa early with the earth, where all the children have to go to sleep for life, saint of the field and of the earth, protector of the earth to give it strength and so that it receives all of us as we walk to open its mouth and eat it , give me salvation, holy father of the field and of the earth, thank you.

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