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Ogbe Otura: Why did Olofin punish humanity with Death?

Olofin in Ogbe Otura

When Constitution created the earth appointed his trusted man to travel through each of its places checking if everything was okay.

The man visited every corner of the new world and as he advanced on the human soil he procreated offspring, as it was his wish that his children would rule over the earth under the mandate of Olofin.

But her children did not want that life and they made the decisions they wanted without consulting with anyone about the changes they were making on earth.

Fact that greatly saddened his father, who sought comfort in Olofin's shoulder and this provided him with the strength he needed to bear the ingratitude of his children and continue to fulfill his mission at the same time.

Pataki where Man ingratitude paid to the deities

As time went by, humanity became ungrateful and an angry Olofin decided to punish them by unleashing a strong storm that lashed out with everything in its path.

Leaving crop fields deserted, houses shattered and many killed and injured by electric shocks and floods.

The children of Olofin's henchman when seeing this were scared and ran in search of their father to appease the fury of the Orisha and thus intercede for them.

But he was on his way to the land ruled by Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá.

Upon his arrival, the Orisha's servant informed the oracle of Olofin's decision and asked him to consult him, marking this odun for him and advising him to finish the task assigned to him.

And obediently man culminated it by reaching the kingdoms of Odua y Obatala.

Olofin's servant fulfilled his sacred mission

With his arms the servant of Olofin held the three lands to safeguard them from the dangers of the flood, while crying for his children because despite their behavior he loved and sought them.

With each tear she was unconsciously losing strength, a fact that caused great deformations of her limbs and spine. 

After the Orunmila storm ended, Odúa and Obatalá went to look for the good man to thank him for his help and for all the sacrifices he had undergone in order to keep safe the legacy left by Olofin through the creation of the earth.

Suddenly it came out of the earth twisted, explaining that from this moment humanity had been able to see two parts of it, a symmetrical image and then a deformed appearance.

Then the Orishas took their sacred objects and consecrated the good man under the precepts of Osha-Ifá.

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