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Why did Olofin grant Eleguá privileges over the Orishas? ≫Pataki

Olofin and Eleguá

Eleggua it is protection, and one of the seven fundamental gods of the Yoruba Pantheon, is the little boy who will always be the first in the Rule of Osha (Santeria).

He is the first to be called in every religious act or holiday and the last to say goodbye, thus representing the beginning and the end of all paths and also his importance as the spoiled Orisha.

He is Elegguá, the owner of roads and the messenger of the gods, through his mediation the destiny of the universe is fulfilled. He is also the first of the group of four warriors (Elegguá, Oggun, ochosi y Osun), and in nature it is symbolized by rocks.

He can be the decider of the happiness or unhappiness of human beings, and the elders say that this Orisha can do whatever he wants in the Rule of Ocha, the destiny of everything that is known in the world depends on him.

Elegguá against the Orishas

They say that one day the orishas met and agreed to take away the power of the God Olofin because he was very old and he no longer had to give orders, but rather transmit the power to someone younger and stronger.

But no one dared challenge the great Olofin. One of them then had the idea of ​​scaring him to death using an ekuté (mouse), which was one of the great fears of the Creator.

  • "If we fill his house with mice, he will flee and we will be the masters of the world"said the deities.

Eleguá's intervention to protect Olofin

They were very happy with his plan to strip Olofin of his powers, but they forgot that Eleguá was behind the door, where he lives protecting the world and had heard everything.

Little Elegguá did not agree with the other Orishas so he devised a strategy to change the agreed plans.

Thus, Elegguá went to Olofin's house and hid. After a while the orishas arrived and threw hundreds of mice into the ilé (house), which began to run around the corners.

Olofin, fearful, screamed when he saw them and began to say that they were going to hurt him. With those words he ran to the door to flee.

Eleguá's wish is granted

But Elegguá took the lead by stating that no mouse would harm him. And at the same time that he was screaming that, he was eating them.

When the young Elegguá ate all the mice, Olofin, enraged, punished the conspirators.

Instead, he told Eleguá to ask him whatever he wanted in return for saving him from the Orishas' malevolent plan.

  • "Grant me the right to do what I want"Elegguá replied

Since then it is said that Elegguá is the only Orisha who is allowed to do what suits him best in the Yoruba pantheon.

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