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Why must we always tell the truth? Olofin punishes the lie

Olofin and the babalawos

Constitution He is responsible for all heads and things that exist in the universe and has power over the orishas and over things that are directly related to Olodumare on earth.

The Creator dispenses justice and relies on the advice of orula and his babalawos to make decisions related to men.

To perform any act, the orishas are required to have the approval of Olofin and the council of Orula. Olofin is the patriarch of the Yoruba and ruler of the world.

Patakí: Olofin and Oloñi, the youngest babalawo

One fine day, the Creator, Olofin, ordered that three babalawos, recognized for their excellent consultations, come to his presence to reveal what would happen in his house.

So the two older babalawos threw down the ékuele and discovered that a misfortune would happen, but fearing retaliation from Olofin, they decided not to tell him and replied that there was nothing to fear.

But the youngest of the three, named Oloñí, disagreed with the elders and said that the ékuele foreshadowed the death of a child.

So they all argued and never reached an agreement. Some time later, a son of Olofin died, who was very indignant and decided to call back the babalawos.

Olofin's punishment before the lie

Once again called to the presence of Olofin, the babalawos arrived at the palace and the Creator prepared three covered gourds for them.

He told the babalawos to sit down at the table, but Oloñí, who had consulted that mañana, he said he would eat alone.

As he retired to a corner of the house to eat, an eagle came and carried him up a mountain.aña where he found great riches, Olofin's reward for telling the truth.

The other two, being liars, had to eat, waste that Olofin gave them.

Pataki: The notice of Elegguá and the babalawos

One day Olofin became ill and called the babalawos to register him with their means of divination.

The babalawos in consultation saw that it was necessary to do Ifá to Olofin so that he would improve. But they soon argued over the Olofin question, "If he is already king, why does he want more crown?"affirmed the oldest of those present.

The others agreed, and decided not to release the lyrics to Olofin. But when they were heading to the creator's house, Eleguá, who had heard all their discussion, whistled.

Olofin heard the warning and knew they were going to lie to him, so he waited calmly. When the olúos gave their false verdict to Olofin, he punished them for their lies.

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