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Pataki ≫ Olofin, Orunmila and the three rains that flooded the earth

Olofin and Orula

Difficult times were coming on earth, times when intelligence had to be used in order to preserve life.

Olofin's 3 gifts, the Pataki:

Constitution As a supreme deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, he decided to give the inhabitants of the earth three opportunities to prepare for the events that would take place, which is why he ordered three rains to fall alternately on the face of the planet.

The first rain, the wealth

Once the sky shook suddenly, the first rain began to sprout, it contained metals and precious stones, jewels that fell on the ground in succession, when observing this event all the desperate men pounced on the jewels filling multiple containers with such content.

orunmila Whoever observed the panorama was disinterested in such events.

Those who observed him spoke aloud, affirming that Orula had not taken advantage of the opportunity to enrich himself that had come to him from heaven as a divine gift.

The second rain, the money

After a few days the second flood fell, this time the celestial sphere offered money in large quantities, the inhabitants when observing this event filled their sacks with it, until then there was little material.

Meanwhile the great Oracle of Ifá was immobile before so many riches, he was firm and serene as if he was not surprised by anything that was happening around him.

The third rain, weapons of protection against war

After a few weeks the third and last divine rain fell, it gave the habitaBefore the earth countless weapons among which could be seen with the naked eye, shields, swords, helmets, spears, bows, arrows and machetes.

The dwellers of the earth ignored this rain completely, believing it unnecessary to possess the weapons that Olofin had sent them as a gift.

Orunmila, who was observing what happened, took his backpack and filled it with all the weapons that he could carry, little by little he was picking them up one by one from the ground and taking them home, in this way he was the only Orisha who armed himself for war , because he believed that so much wealth could be the cause of future discord.

When the riches that had been given to humans began to be scarce, they decided to threaten their fellow men in order to try to steal them, which is why a great war was unleashed.

Seeing themselves defenseless against the attacks of their adversaries, they began to buy weapons from the great fortune teller, who became rich as a result of this trade, as Orunmila was the only saint who kept war material among his possessions.

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