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Story of Olokun, the mysterious deity of the oceans

Olokun story

Olokun It is a mystery, a blue fish that lives in the sea, owner of the depths of the ocean, it is androgynous, that is, it is a human being that has both masculine and feminine characteristics.

It is the Orisha who represents the deepest secrets of life and death. It is him, the angry and frightening sea.

Because of that power over the oceans, the darkness of the unknown and the hidden depths, he is one of the most dangerous and powerful deities of the Osha-Ifá religion.

In fact, legend has it that obbatala He chained him to the bottom of the ocean, when he tried to kill humanity with a flood, his anger was so immense that only the wise father of all could calm him.

However, it is known that Olokun with his power manages to bless his devotees with health, prosperity and even material evolution, because all the riches of the sea belong to him.

Olokun, fearsome king of the deep

According to Yoruba mythology, it is not known exactly who Olokun's parents are or if he was conceived by the union of a man and a woman or was created thanks to the power of a supreme being, therefore he represents the secrets of life and from the seabed.

The mysteries of its existence are as hidden as the deepest depths of the world's waters.

There are several stories around Olokun and they all emphasize his androgynous quality, since sometimes it is indicated that this character is a very moody man and other times it is said that he is a totally beautiful maiden, mother of very beautiful daughters.

Yemayá and Olokun, two Orishas and a sea

In some practices of the Rule of Osha it is taught that the cults of Yemayá and Olokun cannot be united in one, since Yemayá is living on the surface of the sea and Olokun in the depths of the ocean.

There are several legends that present Yemayá as the daughter of Olokun, hence her relationship with the sea. Other stories tell that "Olokun, the lord of the sea, is the god of the sea of ​​the Yoruba, he is one of those who came from the body of Yemayá." What is clear is the close relationship of both deities.

In the same sea, Olokun's residence is in the depths, but Yemayá resides on the surface and also lives in the waves.

Due to their closeness in terms of powers of nature, they are responsible for protecting the other, although Olokun in addition to protecting her also supports the power of Yemayá.

Patakí, the story of Olokun in chains in the ocean

The Pataki says that Orisha Oko, the owner of the world's crops, saw the face of a very beautiful young woman appear in the tide, and asked her name and who her father was, to which she replied that his name was Olokun and was the daughter of the sage Obatala.

The farmer captivated by her beauty decided to ask her in marriage. Obbatalá listened to him and replied that his daughter had a beautiful face but that she also had a defect, and she would only give it to the man who respected her and did not talk to her about her physical problem.

Orisha Oko accepted that condition and on her wedding day when they arrived at her house, she discovered that her wife had a deformed body, but she could not back down and accepted it.

In her married life, a woman was in charge of selling her husband's crops in the market, but one day she could not sell the merchandise that her husband had given her, and Orisha Oko was furious and told her about her defect.

Olokun became so angry that he left and hid and with his anger, as the orisha's anger grew, the waters flooded the land, and the people found no refuge from the flood.

Orisha oko Embarrassed, he went to Obbatalá's palace to implore mercy, and Obbatalá, understanding the shame of the farmer, tried to speak with his daughter. But Olokun's fury was so great that he had forgotten obedience and was not listening to his father's plea.

Then the wise father had to make a decision, he looked for Yemayá Okute and ordered him to go to the house of Oggún, the owner of the irons and find the strongest chain in the world.

Yemayá Okute got it and ordered Yemayá Ashaba to chain Olokun at the bottom of the Ocean and she complied with Father Obatalá's request.

From that moment, Olokun lives tied in the depths of the sea so as not to see any man, but when she remembers her husband's outrage, her anger floods the lands and the ocean becomes angry, overflowing its waters and storms throughout the world.

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