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With what candle do we pray to Olokun? Let's light up its mysterious waters

Olokun prayer

It is Olokun the Owner of the Ocean, considered lord of all the waters and oceans of the universe.

He is known for being the one that gave rise to all life on the planet and usually represents the sea when it is most terrifying, the mysteries of the deep sea that no human has even dared to imagine.

In the Santeria or Rule of Osha her children and devotees show her deity of the Yoruba Pantheon a reverential respect and immense love, because despite his severity, Olokun helps his followers by granting them:

  • Health,
  • well-being and
  • wealth.

Olokun is androgynous, that is, he has bodily features of both sexes, and is also represented as half human and half fish.

How should I care for Olokun? Begging for the blessings of the Orisha

To pray to Olokun, we must bear in mind that the colors with which it is represented are white, black and blue.

With these shades we can make a simple altar in his honor in a part of the house that we consider quiet and away from the hubbub.

Some offerings that we can offer to the orisha:

  • Mainly white flowers are placed on the altar,
  • offerings of watercress, sweets and sweets
  • foods like gofio crowbars,
  • fruits such as coconut, pineapples or oranges,
  • molasses of caña and corn in various forms,
  • among other foods.

At the end of the article we leave some beautiful rituals dedicated to the Orisha step by step.

The color of the Candles that we offer to the imposing Olokun:

We can place Olokun candles to illuminate it, fundamentally dark blue, which is its representative color in Osha or Santeria, blue like its waters.

However, we can also put white candles and light them when praying to Olokun, the important thing is that we offer him light, it can also be a homemade wick.

Remember, if you cannot make an altar for it, it does not matter, what counts is the humility, the faith and the love with which things are offered.

If you can get close to the sea, do so, touch its waters, feel its energy and speak from your heart to your deity.

How to pray to the Yoruba God of the Waters?

The Lord of the Oceans will always help his children to get out before the bad times and to go through the obstacles and difficulties that life imposes.

Olokun is called and asked for his immense protection and strength when we face dangers and bad spells, especially in terms of the economy and health.

But let us never forget to thank him for all that he gives us, and for his great blessings.

Prayer of faith and protection dedicated to Olokun

Olokun is a fundamental Orisha for Ifá and Osha, who is related to the deepest secrets of life and death and therefore many devotees venerate him and with great faith and immense respect, they ask him:

  • Health,
  • wellness,
  • prosperity and
  • material evolution.

It is important to always light the blue and white candles when praying, as the light helps to invoke the deity, so that he hears our prayers and helps us in times of need.

  • We can dedicate the following prayer to Olokun:

Most honorable old man, save me so that I can fulfill myself. Owner of the ocean, save me

Save us privileged head, save us so that we live.

I salute the Lady of the Oceans whose grandeur I cannot comprehend.

Olokun, my faith is as great as the amount of water in the seas. May there be peace in my ways!

Powerful works on behalf of Olokun to worship him:

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