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Do you know Olokun? The Orisha of the secrets of the bottom of the sea

orisha Olokun

Olokun is one of the oldest and most powerful deities that habitan the Yoruba Pantheon. It is the Orisha that is received to find stability, development and personal and family health on the earth plane.

It is an Orisha belonging to the ocean because it is born from it and develops in it, humanity has represented it as a gigantic being composed entirely of a reef.

Others identify it with mermaids, creatures half human and half fish, which once enchanted sailors in order to steal their souls, the truth is that it represents the uncertainty of the phenomenon in all its great extension.

His reign lies in the deepest ocean

Olokun personifies the sea in its most terrifying and violent state, which is capable of sinking entire civilizations and causing numerous deaths.

His reign is located in the depths of the sea, some believe that he dwells in a cave totally encrusted with precious stones where the access of man or sunlight is not possible.

Olokun, powerful Orisha in the Yoruba Religion

Olokun jealously treasures the forgotten secrets of life and death, about which he has never revealed a single word.

Multiple religious houses consider this deity as one of the roads of Yemayá and venerate it as such.

Some bibliographic sources consider that it can be related to both the male and female sex.

This deity is given to the devotees by both the Babalawos and the Iworos, both saints being recognized as independent entities in the Yoruba Pantheon since for the former it is male and for the latter female.

Its cult and saints representation

This saint is represented with a mask, as he is very adept at camouflaging himself and adopting numerous identities.

It is identified with the colors Prussian blue and white, which represent the depths of the sea and the foam that is produced when the waves crash against the reef.


Habita traditionally in a clay pot, its attributes are identified with the sea and navigation, some of these are:

  • the rudder,
  • the sirens,
  • the lead doll that carries a snake in one hand and a mask in the other,
  • different boats,
  • anchors,
  • shells,
  • seahorses,
  • starfish and
  • 21 stones of different textures and shades.


Different animals are sacrificed to the Orisha Olokun in his name, among which we can mention the duck as his favorite bird, the white rooster, the chicken, the pigeons, the goose, the jicotea, the pig and the guinea fowl are also sacrificed to him.

Among its offerings we can mention the banana ladybugs, fresh fruits, melon being its favorite, congrí with pork steak, red roses, toasted corn, gofio bars and brandy among others.

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