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Olokun: Orisha who protects us in 2021 and provides healing with her waters

Olokun Santeria

According to our Afro-Cuban tradition Olokun owns the sea.

This January 1 the priests of La Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba they gave us 2021 Letter of the Year For our island and the world, the prophecy that has been marked is:

"A firm and safe health asset on earth that Orula will provide".

The orisha that has been ruling the world this year is the owner of the depths of the sea, Olokun, and the goddess of honey, Ochún, will be the accompanying orisha.añant.

Two very powerful and high-energy deities arrive to give healing and hope to all religious.

What are the defining qualities of the Yoruba deity Olokun?

Olokun is a hermaphrodite Orisha, he is half fish half man, and habita in the entrancesañas of the ocean, specifically in Yemideregbe (Yoruba term that specifically refers to the Atlantic Ocean).

Deity symbolized by the depths of the sea and where no one has been able to reach, it is always said that:

"No one knows what is at the bottom of the sea, only Olokun and Olofin."

He personifies the secrets, the opulence of the seabed.

From OduduwaOlokun is the deity of the seas and the highest figure of the Orishas, ​​because when the world was formed, he was part of that transition, which is why this place so preponderant in the beginning of existence where life is born.

The qualities of Olokun are located and manifest in the depths of the ocean.

Its name means the owner (Olo) of the Oceans (Okun)Orisha of the ocean, in the sea she is represented in her most terrible state, with an impulsive, mysterious and impetuous temperament.

It has the ability to transform and is terrifying when angered.

What blessings does the owner of the depths give us?

Olokun's Blessings
  • This Orisha is closely related to the psychic, meditation, mental health, dreams and to provide healing through its waters.
  • Olokun also helps women who wish to procreate.
  • It is also revered by those who wish to ascend politically and socially.
  • Olokun brings health, boom, and material transformation.

Olokun in the Rule of Osha-Ifá

He is an Orisha based on Ifá and Osha related to the hidden mysteries of life and death, he is represented with a mask.

His cult comes from the City of Lagos, Benin or also known as Ilé Ife, which means "spreading earth", but is also included in Abeokutá (Abeokuta South, Ogún, a city located in Nigeria).

Olokun is one of the main Orishas that the Oloshas and Babalawos cannot miss in our Rule of Osha-Ifá.

In our tradition:

  • The Olokun of Osha, speaks through Yemayá and
  • the Olokun of Babalawo, speaks through Ifá.

There are some differences, for example, the Osha's Olokun carry water and the Olokun of Ifá It does not carry water inside, it is said that this Olokun lives in an empty space of rocks between the core of the earth and the water of the seas.

The Olokun of Babalawo is received with nine Olosas (owner of lakes and benefactor deity, sister of the body of Yemayá and sister of Olokun and wife) and nine Olonas, and is also accompaniedañado of your specific Eshú.

Las Olonas and Las Olosas they are water nymphs, which symbolize rivers, streams, lagoons, waterfalls, springs, puddles, marine expansions and rainwater.

Olokun is considered one of the most dangerous and strong deities of the Osha-Ifá religion. It is said that Obatalá chains him to the bottom of the ocean, when he tries to destroy humanity.

Noel Baudin in his book »Fetishism and fetishists, African Missions Seminar» says the following:

«In a moment of anger, Olokun attempted to destroy humanity, due to its propensity to lie. He had almost exterminated them, when Obbatalá intervened and forced him to retreat back to the sea, where he chained him in his palace forever. From time to time, he strives to break the chains and that is what causes storms in the ocean.”

"Olokun's house" in Cuba

In Cuba there is a house known as La casa de Olokun, it is the house where Doña Fermina lived, today converted into a museum, where until today the game of 4 Egbado drums is preserved (Egbado, a city of the Oyó Empire and is currently Yorubaland) .

These were built through the favor of Don Remigio Herrera Adeshina and Ño Filomeno García (Atanda), they were Olokun drums and were played as such, according to historical records.

The prestigious Doña Fermina was a respected devotee of the orisha within the religion, and every year she offered drums in honor of Olokun.

These drums, whose names are Okinawa, Adomuloke, Irgada and Igbagbara, were also known as Egbadó or Geledes (masquerades) and one of the most illustrious Babalawos that Cuba has had Don Eulogio Rodríguez Gaitán, known to all as Tata Gaitán, was who danced these drums to Olokun. 

More about the orisha of the oceans Olokun:

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