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Do you know Oshún Ololodí? The Warrior that has never been defeated


Oshun Ololodi is an avatar of the Orisha Oshun, Patroness of honey. This path recounts the adventures of a woman of arms and battlefield, describes the warrior who has never been defeated, the mother who does not rest to see her children happy.

It represents the life of the dedicated wife who fights to keep her family together, exalts the female who does not give up and who believes that fear is the worst excuse that exists for not continuing to fight to achieve dreams, Ololodi is for all this and more an indestructible woman.

The Secret of Oshún Ololodí

This peculiar Orisha is represented by a hand which is loaded with precious elements and secret ashés. Among his possessions we mention ivory, coral and amber.

Olodi, the deity of transformations

The name Olodi under which this saint is also identified is related to constant changes, she is a deity that supports transformations because her spirit is in constant revolutions.

It is the attorney within the Osha to remove the old and replace the projects that have expired, providing new horizons to all the plans in which it is developed.

The cowbell sets a curfew to go to the battlefield

In war matters this deity is an expert. This represents the angry and bellicose avatar of the Orisha Oshun. Ololodí manifests herself surrounded by irons and machetes, it is not strange to deduce that through these she is armed to face combat.

The sound of the cowbell is the sweet melody that invokes her presence, inciting her to fight to defend her loved ones, before the break of one of her children's hair she attacks with such fury that it seems to unleash a wild beast, blinded by anger, His rage is implacable, for he will never hesitate to attack the enemy.

This warrior does not believe in mercy, mercy in the face of wrongdoing is simply an unknown word before those who deserve to receive the full weight of divine justice.

Attributes for Oshún Ololodí

The crown of this saint is covered with corals, which highlight the greatness of this African deity, it is identified with the color amber, it is interesting to think that this color could be referring to the tone that a jar of aged honey takes.

Fact that would not be so far from reality since it is the golden nectar through which Oshún is represented.

This saint incarnates the owl, an animal with which she identifies. An anvil is placed in front of his receptacle, which he uses to perfect his defense instruments.

The owl, the deer and the goat are sacrificed to him, animals that he receives with pleasure.

where habita this Orisha Warrior?

Olodi habita in a porcelain receptacle which is placed on an Orula board, lives togetherañaday of a jar of venison and sifted sand.

This saint remains covered with fine silk scarves. It is considered the deity that owns the levees. She is a wise fortune teller who firmly predicts events that are about to happen.

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