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10 representative elements of Olorun ≫ The God of Heaven

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OlorunOwner of Heaven, he is always day or night, even if we do not see him, and for this reason we greet him by standing in front of the sun with our arms outstretched and our palms open as a sign of deep respect, for it is he who is always there. in contact with men.

Who is Olorun?

Let's see now, 10 representative elements of the deity of the heavens.

1. Manifestation of Olodumare

Olorun is the second manifestation of OlodumareFor it is said that there are various expressions of divinity which, in turn, indicate different aspects of the Supreme Being.

2. What does Olorun mean?

Its name comes from the Yoruba Òlórúnm, Owner of the Orún (sky), because it is there where it remains, always looking at the earth and in direct contact with men.

3. Form a trilogy with Olofin and Olodumare

And it is that both Olofi and Olorun are names attributed to Olodumare himself. Many understand that Olodumare, Olofin and Olorun are the same deity.

However, in some parts of Africa, people only know Olodumare, so Olofin and Olorun would then mean, different representations of the supreme being.

4. Olorun sustains life on earth

The Yoruba religion indicates that Olorun is the owner of life and the one who gives energy and sustenance in terrestrial life. He is also recognized as the owner of colors, light, air, vigor and effort.

5. God who does not have worship

We pay tribute to Olorun by standing in front of the sun with outstretched arms and open palms, since he is a deity that is not received, nor does he settle and does not have a cult or temple of its own.

The mention of his name is restricted to the human being, and the Ìrunmalé, the deities of nature, are the intermediaries between him and men.

6. Created the world and human beings

Yoruba legends indicate that Olorun created the world and human beings, because when the Earth was only sea and sky, Olorun had the shell of a snail, a hen, a dove, and a bit of land.

So the god threw the earth in a small point of the world and put the hen and the dove in it.

The two animals are said to have scattered the land and created the first hill.

7. Father of the Orishas

Olorun is recognized as the ruler of heaven and the father of the other orishas and it is attributed to him that peace, harmony, justice and purity prevail in the world.

8. Devotees recognize him as unique and divine

Although the Ruler of heaven is not worshiped by imagery, it is always stated that this should not be misinterpreted as denial or lack of appreciation on the part of devotees for the powers of the supreme being.

On the contrary, it is this form of worship that distinguishes Olorun's unique position, as we must bear in mind that the Orishas are intermediaries between Olorun and human beings.

9. Names that distinguish God

As attributes, Olorun has different denominations by which devotees recognize it. Each name has immense importance and significance.

Olorun is considered:

  • Oba mimo, Oba pipe (The Holy and Pure King)
  • Obati ko leeri (He who has no defect)
  • Adakedajo (a fair and impartial judge)
  • Eleda (The Creator)
  • Alaye (the living one)
  • Elemi (owner of the spirit given to human beings)
  • Oga ogo (the most high or Lord of glory)
  • Aterere-ka-ri-aye (who whose being and influence extends over the entire Earth).

10. Deity who listens to human requests

Olorun is omnipresent, but it is beyond the limits of human knowledge and experience. However, the Yoruba religion claims that it is not isolated from humanity, and can be called upon at any time.

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