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Did you know these 3 forgotten Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon?

Olosá Aroni and Oloza

Olosá, Aroni and Oloza They are three African deities who, with the passage of time, the process of transculturation and religious ignorance have remained only in the cult and knowledge of the Yoruba roots.

Three Orishas

Olosá the deity of the lakes.

She is the holy mistress of the lakes, her charitable soul provides special protection over the needy and underprivileged.

The story picks her up as a half-sister of Yemaya so it possesses part of the saint's powers to heal through water.

She is a protective Orisha with the dockworkers and fishermen, whom she provides with abundant fish, thus guaranteeing their livelihood.

This saint exercises dominion over the alligators, who are her messengers, it is said that when a religious wishes to leave her a message, he must leave it at the edge of the swamps so that his faithful assistants can transmit his missive.

This saint often manifests herself transformed into an alligator.

Oloza represents the protection of the home.

Olossa or Oloza as it is also called is a deity of foundation within the Rule of Santeria.

She is a holy protector, among her priorities is the protection of the home and family members. This is represented by the image of the sword of the Templar.

He is a deity of great power and intelligence. Among its virtues is that of providing physical strength and courage.

Aroni the Orisha who knows the secret powers of plants.

Aroni is the Orisha who knows the secrets of plants, especially medicinal ones, with this cure for ills, he is a deity closely related to Osain.

He manifests himself as a little man with the head and tail of a dog, at night he appears walking with one leg to put the religious to the test.

Due to his physical appearance, he suffered multiple mockery and contempt, to those who had the purity to accept him as he was, with pleasure he agreed to teach them many of his gifts and benefited them by having a big heart.

Aroni protects people and animals that suffer from physical defects.

This deity is related to Eleggua and I accompanied himaña in making decisions, especially those related to the destiny of humanity.

Aroni's compassion is very great as is his anger, this Orisha is very severe in his punishments.

His presence instills respect, he is a saint to whom man owes many things, especially gratitude and veneration.

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