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The success that Oshún gives is multiplied by sharing: Advice from Ogbe Irete

Oshún in Ogbe Irete

Ogbe Irete lived under the blessing of Oshun, the Orisha provided him with many riches by giving him all kinds of luck.

Fact that aroused the envy of their peers who kept on the lookout for omo Oshún's fortune in order to steal it for their own benefit.

Reality that forced Ogbe Irete to find different strategies to be able to keep his money safe.

Pataki from the Strongbox

Every day Ogbe Irete visited the river to offer to the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon ochin chin, a succulent delicacy made with egg and purslane.

And this, in gratitude, gave him gold coins, by that time the religious kept his money in a piggy bank that he carried with him everywhere.

In this way in the Oshe land people lived backward, because money did not circulate.

one mañana while Ogbe Irete begged Oshun, Eleggua It surprised him and realized that the source of his income came from the queen of honey bees.

Elegguá, who knew Ogbe Irete's concerns, decided to take him to Ozain and he said:

I have brought you a box for you to consecrate and in this way you help Ogbe Irete so that he can keep his money safely.

Oshún who was aware of the emergence of the safe He warned his son that if he wanted to keep his fortune he should circulate some money in the Oshe land so that in this way people mitigate their deficiencies a little and could live in peace without the need for thefts to continue to exist.

Advice of Ifá through the sign Ogbe Irete.

Through Ogbe Irete the existence of an individual who has great economic development is described, which is given at the hands of Oshún who guards and protects him from all evils.

The great secret of Ogbe Irete's success is found in sharing what he possesses with those around him, in this way his iré multiplies and obtains the blessing of the Orishas.

For this Odun the person must keep their money and other valuables in a safe place as they are prone to robbery.

This letter refers in turn to the envy and stalking that the character suffers because he is surrounded by people who wish him evil and yearn to have what he possesses.

Some offerings for the goddess of love Oshún:

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