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Prayer to Aggayú to open paths and free us from Enemies

Prayer to Aggayú

Aggayú Solá is an Orisha of great power and represents in nature the volcano, magma, the interior of the earth.

It symbolizes in the Yoruba religion the immense forces and energies of nature, the force of an earthquake, those of a sea level, the lava from volcanoes circulating intensely in the subsoil rising to the surface, the force that makes the universe rotate already the land on it.

It is the bastion of Osha and particularly of Obbatalá the white father. He lives in the current of the river and that is why in the human is represented by a boatman on the river.

Aggayú Solá is also the deity of deserts, dry land and the energy and power of raging rivers. He is the giant of Osha, Orisha of fire, of a bellicose and angry character.

It is the staff of Obbatalá and its ancestral cult comes from the land of Arará and Fon.

Its name means in Yorùbá Aginjù Solá

This name translates as "He who covers the desert with his voice":

  • Aginjù: desert
  • So: voice
  • Àlá: Cover

The great orisha is greeted with great respect saying Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

It is compared in syncretism with San Cristóbal, a saint who is celebrated on July 25 and is the protector of Havana.

That is why the prayers to Aggayú Solá are also linked to his syncretism with San Cristóbal, protector of travelers, sailors, transporters and boatmen, who also provides health and healing.

He is considered by some as the father of Shangó and Orungán and lover of Oshanlá and Yembó.

Prayers to Aggayú Solá asking for his protection and to keep all evil out of the way

We ask Aggayú Solá because he is a warrior orisha who helps to win, takes long, gigantic steps and raises his feet very high, as if walking over obstacles.

At the same time, he brandishes the air with his power tool and likes to carry children on his shoulders, he is a deity who protects and protects.

As Aggayú Solá is also represented as the boatman who helps to cross the river in syncretism with San Cristóbal, many ask him to open the roads, free of obstacles as enemies, evils and envies.

We can light a white candle for him and in his name ask for what we need in our life.

Aggayú, boatman of humanity and protector of children,

You who represent the immense natural forces and thus dominate them

Owner of the desert and the waters, listen to the request of your faithful son and help me to advance safely through life without enemies, envy and evil

Bastion of the Ocha, great warrior, you who with your strength drive away evil from the paths of your children and devotees, and take care of their steps so that they reach their destination safely.

Aggayú, My Father, I ask you to open for me the paths and those free of obstacles and difficulties

Allow me, My saint, to safely cross rivers, mountains and cities, in order to achieve my goals

I ask you, Lord of the Desert, your guide, your help and your protection when following the path that has been traced for me

Watch my steps and open for me the paths of health, love and prosperity

Do not let go of my hand, My father, and guide me through life always avoiding misfortunes and hardships

Take with the waters of the rivers, the pain and the sadness, and allow, instead, happiness and bliss to come to my house

Thank you, my Orisha, for watching over me and my family and always guiding us on the right path.

So be it

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