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The prayer to Babalú Ayé for health and alleviate carnal and spiritual pain

Prayer to Babalú Ayé for health

In this prayer to Babalú Ayé we ask the Great Orisha Father to give us a lot of health, protection, tranquility and peace of mind. Ask in faith and your prayer will be answered with blessings.

Some characteristics that define Babalú Ayé:

  • Babalú Ayé as deity it has other names like Ọbaluaye and Sopona.

It is also venerated in other cults and religions such as Candomblé, the Yoruba religion and Santeria, where it joins the veneration of Saint Lazarus, especially in Cuba.

Regions like Nigeria, Benin and Latin America worship this deity for the great power he represents.

Babalú Ayé in the Yoruba Pantheon it is closely related to death and the cure of diseases, and it is interesting how heat is also closely related to this orisha.

The fever suffered by the human body, such as fever, are manifested through its deity to expel the diseases that flow in the body.

Like the same heat that comes from the depths of the earth, our body flows through it to fight the passage of diseases.

For this reason, in some African religious cults, the offerings or sacrifices made to this god are preferable during the day and when the temperature is higher. 

A prayer to Babalú Ayé to ward off diseases

  • You can light a white candle, a homemade wick or a purple candle, which is its representative color, and in the light of this, pray to it with much love and trust.
  • Do the prayer every day that you need health and protection, and above all, be grateful.

Save the Lord, King of the Earth! Doctor of Umbanda Babalú Ayé, Lord of the Cure of all ailments of the body and soul. 
Father of wealth and happiness. In you I put my pain and bitterness, asking you for the blessings of health, peace and prosperity.
May Your Blessing paralyze all the negativity that tries to make my life and my walk sick. 
Dear Father, I ask you to sow within me the Seeds of True Life, so that I behave as a child of God and understand the Divine Presence in me and in my fellow men.
I ask for your healing support, my father Babalú Ayé, heal my spiritual illnesses, which impede my evolution. 
You who are the helper of the spirits fallen in the darkness of ignorance, support me and guide me with your strong arms as protector of life.
Lord of the earth, bless the earth that I stepped on and support me to walk straight and luminous paths in Creation. 
Heal me of my selfishness, vanity, ignorance, grudges, my pains and sorrows and help me to have more compassion, joy, trust, faith, love, tolerance, patience so that I can live in harmony with those around me.
Cover my home and family home with your protective mantle and heal all the material and spiritual diseases that surround them.
I ask him to become a child of good humor and disposition, to succeed in the fight for survival and spiritual evolution. 
Make me worthy of deserving your blessings of light and mercy every day. 
I ask for your blessing, Babalú Ayé My Father!
In your infinite mercy, give me full health!
Help cure diseases and alleviate carnal and spiritual pain, Dear Father!
Remove from me those who desire the destruction of my health and my spiritual devastation and give me strength to overcome them in spirit, my Father.
Keep me strong and steady on the difficult roads of life!

We share some offerings that you can offer to Babalú Ayé:

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