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Prayers to Babalú Ayé ► to ask for “Protection and Health” for everyone

Prayer to Babalú Ayé

Babalú Ayé is an Orisha of great power and energy, with the same cure for leprosy, smallpox, venereal diseases and in general the plagues and miseries of the world.

He is well known and revered, especially for the syncretism that is established between him and Saint Lazarus, holy curator of the Catholic Church. Both cults are professed in Cuba as one.

Represents Babalu Aye in the Yoruba Religion?

Roads of Babalú Ayé

The deity Babalú Ayé represents skin conditions, contagious diseases, especially venereal diseases, and human epidemics.

That is why many of us pray to him in these days when a pandemic affects all humanity, asking him to take away the spirits of the disease.

In nature, during the day it hides among ivy, coral reef and cundeamor to protect itself from the sun. But it comes out at night and slips into the darkness.  

Babalú Ayé is a highly respected and sometimes feared Orisha in Nigeria. His cult comes from Dahomey (Benin), where he receives the name of Azojuano (Azowano), King of Nupe, territory of the Tapa.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Babàlúaíyé which means "father of the world", although in Africa it was known under the name of Samponá or Sakpatá, for being smallpox and leprosy deadly diseases.

Saint Lazarus and Babalú Ayé in Syncretism:

Print of Saint Lazarus
Print of Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus, saint of the catholic church, is associated with Babalú Ayé, orisha of the Yoruba religion worshiped in Cuban Santeria.

This African deity is identified with Old Saint Lazarus as his devotees affectionately call him, both are healers, merciful and known for their great healing miracles.  

Day of celebration and offerings to the Holy Orisha:

In Cuba, San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé are paid a great tribute on December 17, at the San Lázaro Sanctuary located in El Rincón and also in homes.

Cubans pray to both for cures, protection and general health.

The legends about the Holy Orisha are many, and the believers keep secret the miracles of San Lázaro and Babalú Ayé.

But so great is the devotion that families are known to bring immense offerings to the deity out of gratitude and many are those who make great sacrifices to reach the Sanctuary and there on their knees, implore healings.

The most typical offerings that are offered to him on the altars in his day:

  • Roasted corn,
  • roasted corn on the cob,
  • burnt bread,
  • smoked fish and hutía,
  • green coconuts.
  • White or purple flowers, candles, and fruit.
  • Bearded goats, guinea fowl, and pigeons are also sacrificed.

How do we ask Babalú Ayé with these Prayers for life and health?

San Lázaro Babalú Ayé day
We can place a purple candle in your name before we pray to you

We pray to Babalú Ayé and San Lázaro to ask him fundamentally for our health and that of our close ones, since both have immense powers to take away ailments and diseases.

In addition, they can also offer us their protection against the evils of the world and against the negativity that may haunt us.

For this reason, if we feel afraid and think that danger looms over our home or our family, we must pray to Babalú and Saint Lazarus in search of their protection and their strength, so that they help us overcome obstacles.

To pray to Babalú, we must find a quiet place in the house, it may be before an image of Saint Lazarus, pointing out the syncretism of the deities.

We can light a white or purple candle, the representative color of the Orisha of disease. And so, we pray to him with great faith, asking from our hearts for his help and protection for us and our family.

With this prayer we ask Babalú Ayé for his protection:

Oh, Babalú Ayé, father of the world and Orisha of disease

You who can do everything, who carry with your cloak the evils of this world

Babalú Ayé, My Father, you who suffered firsthand the rigors of fateful destiny, hear my prayer

I ask you, my Father, venerated and respected by all the devotees, to protect me from danger

Owner of the day and night, make everything bad go away from me, my family and my house

You who walk the paths and heal many with your blessings

Cleanse the path of life for me and allow me to travel it safely

Cover me and protect me, Great Orisha

Guide me, Babalú, to avoid the obstacles that may cross my path

Saint Lazarus give me the strength to overcome the pain

My saint, thank you for always filling my heart with peace and for bringing the blessing of health and progress into my life.

So be it

We pray to Babalú Ayé and San Lázaro fundamentally to ask for health for ourselves and for those we love.

We implore the cure of diseases and therefore many kneel in these days of pandemic before the altars, to ask the deities to take away the ailments that plague humanity.

Many of those who have been closely touched by this virus that today frightens the world, have asked Babalú and San Lázaro for the lives of their afflicted relatives and for the total restoration of their health, through prayers of faith and gratitude.  

We pray to Babalú Ayé to ward off the disease and bring the cure with health:

Great protector, Babalú Ayé, you who represent ailments and plagues

You who walked through the world suffering from pain and misery,

You who suffered the horror of the disease and who saw the miracle of healing and forgiveness

My father, I ask you to keep away from this, your faithful and devoted son, sickness and pain

I beg you, Great Orisha, Babalú Ayé, to allow me to advance healthy and happy until finally reaching my destiny

As your son, I promise to always be worthy of all your blessings, so that you welcome me under your protective mantle

My Saint Lazarus, protector of the sick and patron of the poor and unfortunate,

I place my trust in you, and I ask for your blessing in the face of illness and pain, in the face of worries and anguish,

I ask for your powerful help and mercy for me and mine

I thank you for always coming in relief in my despair with your infinite mercy

So be it

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