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The Prayer to Archangel Chamuel for true love and other requests

Prayer to Chamuel for love

Es Chamuel one of the seven Archangels cited in the paragraphs concerning the Bible, a sacred scripture in which from the beginning of time man took refuge to withstand the temptations and the onslaught of destiny.

Chamuel, proper name that comes from the Hebrew means "he heard by God", which is why so many faithful invoke his presence in order to make requests of him.

What can be asked of the Archangel Chamuel?

This Archangel listens carefully to each word and then intercedes for men before the Creator, he is one of the strongest defenders of love and of the creations that humanity generates through this feeling.

For Chamuel every act of true love counts, no matter how small, the Archangel recognizes it and if it is the will of God he cultivates it and protects it so that it sprouts becoming a strong and imperishable tree.

  • Health, family and protection are other subjects that interest the Archangel.

Messages that he receives through prayer, but the existence of love will be the only reason that makes him flap his wings with extreme speed, since Chamuel considers love the virtue capable of healing the bleeding wounds of the earth, because without love nothing is possible, while having everything you have.

Powerful prayer to Chamuel Archangel for the love

The Prayer for love dedicated to Archangel Chamuel should only be pronounced when you want to find true love, that which does not judge, that can do everything and that resists everything.

  • Remember to speak to Chamuel from the heart and he will listen to you.

Beloved divinity of all that is, I ask the loving energy of Archangel Chamuel for my greatest and highest good within your will.

Archangel Chamuel, I call your sweet presence and I am happy in you.

I ask you to develop in me the infinite strength of my heart to love and to allow love and harmony in my life.

Increase joy, good communication and love in all my relationships, from the smallest to the mace important.

Welcome me in your divine wings and help me to open myself to love and to resolve these conflictive situations that I am going through (describe the situation for which you resort to him).

For your beloved presence, love baña all my being and in communion with you I am love. Amen

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