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Prayer to Dadá Obañeñe: Asking for help in financial difficulties

Prayer to Dadá Obañeñe

Dada Obañeñe She is a powerful deity in the Yoruba pantheon, she is the protector of newborns and as a mother she protects them during their life.  

For this reason, in his prayers he is asked for the protection of the little ones and as Obañeñe is also a representative of the treasure and the crown, we can pray to him if we go through economic difficulties, so that he grants us job stability and economic abundance and helps us to continue advancing with trust.

This orisha is also considered as two deities where Dada and Obañeñe or Ibañi are brothers.

Some characteristics of the Yoruba deity Dadá Obañeñe:

  • It is a deity that does not settle or climb. It is usually represented by a pumpkin lined with snails and on it a ball of indigo.
  • In some houses of religion, its receptacle is a gourd the size of the head of the recipient, lined with snails, gold, silver and 9 parrot feathers and placed on Shango.
  • When delivered by the Babalawós, it is a half güira covered in cloth that is embroidered with snails in a spiral shape and on which 16 red strips hang to which snails from 1 to 16 are placed, representing the 16 meyis of Ifá and It is placed on the pylon that keeps the secret of Obañeñe or Ibañi.
  • Obañeñe represents the treasure and is a crown and for those who consider Obañeñe or Ibañi an Orisha different from Dada, they represent him carrying a little pilon with his secrets and his Elekes are made of white beads striped with red.
  • Doves and guinea fowl are immolated to him, for others the same animals as Shango. In the case of Obañeñe or Ibañi, rooster, guinea fowl and pigeons are sacrificed.

The daughters of Obañeñe are recognized for being strong women, but very kind and self-sacrificing, loving children and very dedicated to caring for the family environment.

I pray to Obañeñe to ask him to grant us abundance and prosperity:

With this prayer we ask the Orisha for her help if we go through a bad economic streak, so that she may grant us abundance and fortune and take away the needs of our home.

Obañeñe, powerful and brave mother, you who protect all your children and devotees

And you help them to move forward with security and confidence from your hand, on the best path

Orisha of the crown and the treasure, you who represent the prosperity and well-being of the family

You who grant blessings to homes and bring happiness and abundance

My powerful Mother, today I ask you to help this, your devoted son, to regain economic stability

Get out of my way Obañeñe, difficulties and needs, and help me to advance happily until I reach my destination

Bring prosperity to my home, so that my family never suffers and I can provide them with everything they deserve

Do not forsake me, kind Orisha, and grant me your blessing

Light my path with prosperity and abundance and take sadness and problems away from my home and mine

I promise you my Orisha, to be worthy of your help and your blessings and to always walk through life proud and faithful to you, Lady

Thank you for always being present and helping me move forward with your hand,

So be it Dada

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