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Prayers to implore Eleguá to get a decent and prosperous job

Prayer to Eleguá to get a job

Elegua, is one of the most popular Orishas of Santeria, and because of the great connection that is felt between believers and this Orisha, he is the darling of the Yoruba religion, the little giant that despite his childlike facet, he becomes a fierce warrior who protects the homes of the devotees.

And is that the word Eleguá comes from the phrase "Ilé wá" is like saying, the one in the house.

Eleguá is the first Orisha to be received in religion. Father Obatalá blessed him by making him his right hand and giving him the power to be the first in absolutely everything.

For this reason, we should not make any decision within the religion without first having the approval of Elegguá.

Depending on our respect and faith, he can open or close the roads for us.

We implore Eleguá for an honest job...

Prayer to the orisha Eleguá for work

Prayer to Eleguá is one of the most important elements to be able to call or invoke this Orisha, and ask him to help us and guide us through the paths of life.  

There are many types of prayers dedicated to him, each of them has a specific end or purpose, depending on what you want to achieve.

Through the prayer to Elegua, the opening of the roads in different spheres is usually requested.

We must bear in mind that Eleguá likes offerings of toys and treats, always given with faith and respect.

He loves to have the offerings named aloud, candles lit, tobacco smoked, and brandy sprinkled.

How do we ask Eleguá for Employment and Work?

To ask him, we sit next to him, and we make the request loud, clear and firm, first asking for his blessing, mentioning our full name and then explaining the reason for our concerns.

Eleguá is a formidable warrior and a born leader, so he can advise us on the best decisions to make on the path of life and to achieve better employment opportunities, or a more secure future.

2 Prayers dedicated to the Orisha:

Prayers to Eleguá to get a job

For prosperity and success we dedicate this Prayer to Eleguá

First, let's look at the prayer to Eleguá for wealth and success.

I pray to Eleguá for his sublime power from his presence,

so that all the affairs of my life are successful and

to be able to eliminate all the inconveniences that are in my way.

Take away any negative energy.

I call you Eleguá, so that you take care of me, mine and all my belongings.

So that all the time he can be an envoy of bonanzas, as you determine.

I ask his greatness to separate me from danger and that my path is always illuminated by his great light.

So be it.

Prayer of the little Orisha Eleguá to get a job

To obtain an honest and dignified job, we dedicate this prayer to the little giant of Osha Eleguá, always with faith and love.

Great lord Eleguá you who are the owner and wise of all ways, of doors and opportunities.

That is why I ask you, make my ways right and open the doors for me that I need in my life.

Enlighten me night and day, give me your protection and give us your gifts as a leader so that we can be professionals in our work.

Enlighten me and my family which is the one that always accompanied meaña and surrounds me, in the same way, fill us with your gifts of protection.

Likewise, open all those doors that our life needs, to be and reach all things that we need.

Open to me great lord Eleguá all the doors May they lead me to good also, I ask you to close me, you separate me from all those doors and all those roads that will lead me to evil.

Today I invoke you with one and only goal, and it's for you to help me to overcome this facet of my life, how much is hurting me to me when developing fully as a happy human being.

I ask you to bless me with a better job so that my prosperity is full and as a result I can bring the bread to the table every day, until my life stops being earthly.

I ask you too that you fill me with your gifts and thus be able to undertake this new path that today opens up to me.

To be able to adapt and thus know about carrying all things, that today are presented to me as an opportunity and maybe iañana not anymore

Make my progress be successful that is a future of brightness, joy and bright colors, Well, you are the master of the future and of good living, therefore you are the one who chooses sir who deserves it and who does not.

And that on my way what awaits me is a prosperous future in which there are no insecurities, no weaknesses.

On the other hand, that I be the one who stands out the most in everything how well they are at my disposal; in the same way, that there is no not a single drop of betrayal, nor does it exist the possibility of offending me.

Likewise, make me have everything I need for this uncertain future, at the same time, promise that always I'll be by your side, accompanying me in this uncertain future.


Powerful works and rituals that we can do on behalf of Eleguá:

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