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Prayer to Eleguá for money, fortune and material prosperity

Prayer to Eleguá for money and fortune

Eleguá is one of the Yoruba Deities The most important of Santeria, as it is the little giant, the protective warrior of the Ocha, who guides us and helps us find the best paths to travel until we find our destination.

This saint has the power to be the ruler of the highways and the owner of destiny.

And it is that Eleguá can open the way of prosperity, good fortune, joy and luck, but it can also close all doors, bringing misfortune for the person.

How does we attend Eleguá to ask for your help?

Prayer to Eleguá for money and fortune

We must know that to please Eleguá and ask for his help, there are rituals and offerings that will help us receive his advice and favors.

In addition, we bear in mind that it should always be located behind the front door of the home, so as not to provoke his anger, that is where he likes to be. However, with your permission it can be placed in other places in the house, as long as it is not an option to place it behind the door.

Also in order not to anger Eleguá and to keep the gates of fortune always open for us, we must know that any offering that is presented to another orisha must reach him first, even if it is some kind of offering. Only then will we obtain the approval and satisfaction of this saint.

Eleguá, therefore, is the first to be greeted and to receive and taste the offerings, he is the messenger of the Orishas.  

Eleguá is offered:

  • smoked fish, smoked jutía and some other animals.
  • toasted corn, coconut, sweets and candies, the latter he loves because he has a sweet tooth, like a child.

Equally, some objects are put on him to entertain him, such as:

  • bells,
  • nuggets of gold and silver, and coins to open the paths of abundance,
  • colorful toys and maracas because as a child likes them,
  • straw hat
  • door keys, which represent the opening of opportunities.

Prayer dedicated to Eleguá to bless us with money and luck

How to greet the orisha Eleguá

The prayer to Eleguá it is a sign of veneration and should be done with great faith and trust in the Orisha. Through this action we can become more spiritually involved with the deity.

We can pray to him for various purposes, one of them may be to ask him to open the routes or roads. But requests are also raised regarding love, money, and well-being.

To ask Eleguá for money and fortune, one of the basic needs in life for everyone, we must pray to him in a quiet place and with great confidence, although it is always preferable to ask fair employment, a new opportunity for abundance and paths to prosperity opened instead of just “money.”

We can put offerings of guava or pumpkin, your favorites and also place a white candle to give light to the Orisha.

Prayer to Eshu-Eleguá for money and fortune:

Then we raise a prayer to ask for help to solve financial problems, remember, always with a lot of faith and love:

Oh! Supreme God residing in heaven, through Elegguá, I invoke the sublime influence of your powers to request the opening of ways in all financial matters that arise in my life.

I need your majestic hand, Eleguá, so that you illuminate my paths, and do not find in them any bad vibes or bad influence that could harm my path to success.

I beg you that there are no bad thoughts, bad actions, no deceptions, no cheating, against me. 

Open for me the paths of success, money, fortune and financial fulfillment that all men in the world seek.

I (full name), then with great treachery ask you for your help to get more money.

To be able to help my figure and that of my relatives, since life is difficult and wealth is scarce.

I know that you will not fail me, oh great Osha Elegguá. So be it

Other rituals to attract money and abundance:

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