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A powerful prayer to Inle to grant us to be prosperous and happy

Prayer to Inle

Inle or Erinlé is an Orisha It represents fishing and pre-horticultural harvesting, as well as protecting doctors and fishermen.  

He is an Orisha who is known as a great hunter and fisherman, also linked to productive activities and the extractive economy, hence his relationship in the Yoruba religion to abundance, food and prosperity.

Considered the doctor of the Osha for his gifts as a healerBesides being a fortune teller, he is a warrior and is represented in nature by fish.

Why does Inle possess so much power in the Yoruba Religion?

Orisha inle
  1. He is considered the deity of the garden harvest and personifies the earth and water, it may be for this reason that he normally dresses in blue, yellow and white, adorned with snails.
  2. He is a provider of human sustenance and a guide for walkers who cross mountains and rivers to reach their destination. Habita on land and in water, because in both he works, always helping men.
  3. His cult comes from the town of Ilobu, through which a small river that bears his name passes. Legends say that there he protected the Yorùbás from the invasion of the Fulanis and that is why his cult is extremely important.

About his physique stands out that he is androgynous and is often represented with the features of a man and a fish.

It is also said that it is very beautiful, so much so that a patakí tells that Yemaya she fell in love with him and kidnapped him to take him to live with her in the waters of the sea.

Many of the Patakíes assure that Inle is one of the most beautiful Orishas that exists, despite the fact that he is represented as an Androgynous deity (with masculine and feminine features).

But in many places he is worshiped as a male saint and that happens in many parts of Cuba.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Erìnlè which means "The food that the earth gives". In Santeria it does not settle as a tutelary Orisha.

With this prayer we ask Inle for prosperity and economic abundance

For Inle, we also pray for prosperity and abundance, especially when we go through a time of life in which we suffer financial difficulties.

Inle is a provider of human sustenance and Orisha of the extractive economy, so it can help us to obtain a better economic situation.

 Inle, great hunter and fisherman, you who promote productive activities and the extractive economy

And you protect all those who earn their livelihood with honest work

Lord of the land and sea, you who guide men until they reach their destiny, freeing them from obstacles and difficulties and warding off the evils that lie in wait.

You who provide the sustenance to move forward and thus avoid the needs and hardships

Hear my request Great Orisha, you who heal, guide, protect and grant blessings

Inle, my Saint, help me to achieve a better economic position to be able to guarantee the sustenance for my family

Keep difficulties out of my way and let prosperity and abundance come to my home

Orisha wise and beautiful, grant me the food of the earth, so that my family will never go hungry

I ask you sir, to alleviate my suffering and give me the strength to get a better job and thus be finally prosperous and happy

Do not abandon me or let go of my hand, My saint, on this path full of obstacles

Help me move forward to achieve my goals and fulfill my destiny safely

Thank you, my Savior Orisha, for always listening to my prayers and granting me your eternal blessing.

So be it

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