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Prayer to Iroko to beg the blessing of being Parents Asking for a child!

Prayer to Iroko

Sometimes life puts hard tests, obstacles that without faith we will not be able to face. One of these problems is the desire to be parents, to start a family and have children.

Many couples pray to Iroko who wish to have a child and go to the foot of the ceiba tree every year until Iroko grants them the blessing of being parents.

In the cult of the ceiba deity, it is believed that in order to obtain a son, one must pray to the Foot of Iroko, ask him every year and, if he grants it, bring him their respective offerings in payment.

But it must be done, because Iroko relentlessly punishes those who forget the grace granted.

Why is Iroko “la Ceiba” so powerful in the Yoruba religion?

The Orisha Iroko in the Yoruba pantheon is the deity who habita in the upper part of the foliage of the ceiba where all the dead gather. 

The Ceiba tree is sacred in the Yoruba religion, It is a natural altar for the realization of numerous ceremonies, especially those destined to the samples of devotion to the spirits.

Both the Yorubas and the practitioners of the Rule of Palo Monte, go to the foot of the tree to venerate the Orishas and entities that gather in it. It can be said that all the orishas go to the ceiba tree and that everyone is worshiped there.

Such is its greatness that, in the Congo, they call the ceiba Munanso Nsambi which means the tree house of God. This powerful tree is also known by the names of Arabbá, Iroke, Eluwere, Asaba, also Iggi-Olorun (tree of God).

Iroko is old and his partner is called Abomán and his sister Ondó. Iroko also made a pact with Iyami Osoronga, the witches of the night, and since then they have been resting in the canopy of the ceiba tree.

The Patakíes say that on the top of Iroko the Lord of Fire always rests vigilantly, the Great Shango, always with his warrior and protector soul.

Iroko is danced with a cane covered with necklaces and an ornate broom whose beads are red and white, her power in the Osha is immense and her worship demands much respect.

With this prayer we ask Iroko to bless us with a son:

Iroko, you who grant grace and the most desired wishes of your children and devotees

Great spirit of La Ceiba, sacred vigilant and protector of men, you who protect and guide, warding off dangers and difficulties

Great Iroko, Lord of the Mount, I come to you today with an important request

I put my happiness and my life in your hands

I fully trust that you will not leave me helpless, my saint, and that you will bless me so that I can have a family

I ask you, My father Iroko, wise old man, the happiness and blessing of having a son, to give him all my love and protection.

Help me Lord, and give me the joy of being a mother / father, so that I can walk with your protection and happy until I reach my destiny

Iroko, Orisha of the Wayfarer, extend your blessing to me and grant me the grace of motherhood so that my happiness is complete

I promise you, Lord, to show my eternal gratitude to you for granting me such immense grace

And so I will walk with pride as your devotee sheltered with your leafy branches. So be it

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