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How do we ask the Jimaguas Ibeyis for a favor in difficult times?

Prayer to Jimaguas Ibeyis

My children, you are mine, Ibeyis, lords of the cosmos who give me a hand.
Lords of the earth, lords of laughter and joy, of abundance, of water,
of the vases full of blessings.
I thank you for my path through my life and opportunities, the certainty of continuity
and from prosperity to childhood full of life, purity and joy, mine you are Ibeyis.
I greet you and thank you because all my joy comes from your blessings.

The prayer above is a prayer in the form of greeting to the Ibeyis, in this way we thank you for your blessings before asking and begging you to help us.

They also greet each other saying with great respect: Ibeyi oro alakúa oyé oyé mojojó!

What do the Jimaguas represent in Santeria?

The Ibeyis or Jimaguas are powerful Orishas, ​​seen in the figure of two small children in the Yoruba religion.

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha are deities that:

  • They personify good fortune, luck, and prosperity,
  • with their power they can save their children and devotees from death and evil.

Because of the great power possessed by many, they invoke them and ask for their favor in times of danger and need.

The Ibeyis are said to be on the mountain paths and protect walkers.

They are always seen carrying little drums with which they defeated the Devil Abita, according to Yoruba legends.

They can be represented by three combinations of figures:

  • One for female and one for male,
  • two male or
  • two female.

They are children, playful mischievous and sweethearts who live at the top of the palm and are the darlings of all the other Orishas, ​​the hubbub and joy define them.

Its name comes from Yorùbá Ibèyí (Igbó: contains, Meyi: two) and it is believed that they saved obbatala and to men, and not with strength, but with wisdom and cunning.

Two prayers to the Jimaguas of luck How are the Ibeyis asked?

To pray to the Jimaguas of fortune, we must bear in mind that their colors are red and white, and blue and white.

With those shades if we wish, we can decorate a space to venerate them and to pray to them, asking for their favor and help.

Let's choose a place either in nature or at home with tranquility, so that the prayer is made from calm and love.

Their Elekes or necklaces are also made with sections of red and white and blue and white sections, showing the colors that define them.

Let's remember some of their offerings:

  • All kinds of fruits such as mamey de Santo Domingo, canistel, guava, sugar apple, soursop, orange, mango, pineapple, platanillo, mamoncillo.
  • They like sweets, and foods like yellow rice and popcorn.
  • Chickens and pigeons are slaughtered at ceremonies and offerings.
  • Some of the plants or ewes that represent them are:

Hicaco, corn, mamoncillo, stick paste, cat's tail, sago, sapote, tomato, custard apple, sarsaparilla and rompersaragüey.

1. With this prayer we ask the Ibeyis for their favor in times of difficulty

Pray with faith, they will help us win, fight disease, achieve good luck and prosperity.

In the light of a white candle, or if you wish to place a red and a blue candle on it, we pray with great humility.

Save the strength of children, pure, true strength that shines in the blue sky and the rose of flowers, brings peace and hope to our side, watch over our children. 

Ask hope, with its immense purity, that my requests made with clarity and truth be answered. 

Sweet children, representatives of the divine, may your protection be of comfort and support in difficult times. 

Accept this truly made offering and intercede for me with the father of supreme love. Thanks in advance to you children. Thanks.

  • At the end of the article we leave some of the offerings that you can give to the Ibeyis.

2. Prayer to the Jimaguas Ibeyis to protect the children of the house

Let us know that the Ibeyis are playful and immature deities, but they possess immense powers fundamentally to protect children and grant them luck, health and much love.

That is why people pray to these Jimaguas with great affection and great respect, from trust, so that they bless the little ones at home and grant them a favor and those requests that are not obtained.

Jimaguas Ibeyis, the spoiled ones of the Ocha, you who grant luck and fortune

I ask for your immense favor, so that you protect my child from all evil and from any adversity

Brave Jimaguas, you who defeat evil, give my little security and protection, my divine children, so that I can advance safely along the path of life

I ask you to remove all danger and difficulty from him, so that he can move on and avoid obstacles

Thank you, blessed Ibeyis, I know you will not abandon me

So be it

If you wish to venerate the Ibeyis Jimaguas, you can offer them these rituals:

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