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Tribute to the Immaculate Conception: The Prayer that frees our soul

Prayer to the Immaculate

I remember as if it were now the times I walked in front of your altar, a modest construction, today in ruins that was erected in your name, in a humble neighborhood called Callejón de la Rosa, located in the province of Boyeros in Havana.

From that small monument the faithful delivered promises under your name Immaculate Conception, before your altar begged mothers, elderly and children and many other people who, out of suspicion or shame, preferred to speak to you from their hearts.

Thanks to the pen and paper of some writers today we invoke you through this prayer that is the key that frees the soul from the locks of despair.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

O Immaculate Mother, Queen of our country open our hearts,

our homes and our land to the coming of Jesus, Your Divine Son.

With Him, reign over us, Oh heavenly Lady, so pure and so bright

With the radiance of God's light shining within and around you.

Lead us against the powers of evil, set on snatching the world of souls,

redeemed at such great cost by the sufferings of your Son and of yourself, in union with Him,

From that same Savior, who loves us with infinite charity.

We gather around you, chaste and holy Mother, Immaculate Virgin,

Patron Saint of our beloved Earth, determined to fight under the evil that would make the whole world an abyss, without God and without your beloved Maternal care.

We consecrate our hearts, our Homes, our Earth to your Most Pure Heart,

O great Queen, so that the kingdom of Your Son,

Our Redeemer and our God, be firmly established in us.

We do not ask you for any special sign, sweet Mother, because we believe in your great love for Us and we place all our Trust in you.

We promise to honor you by faith, Love and purity of our lives according to your wish.

Queen, then, over us, Immaculate Virgin, with your Son Jesus Christ.

May his Divine Heart and your chaste Heart be always enthroned and glorified among Us.

Use, your children of America, as your instruments of peace between men and nations.

Work your miracles of grace in us, so that we may be the glory of the Holy Trinity, who created us, redeemed and sanctifies us.

May your brave husband, Saint Joseph, with the holy angels and saints, help you, and us, to “renew the face of the earth”.

Then, when our work is done, come, Holy Immaculate Mother, and as our Victorious Queen, lead us into the eternal kingdom,

Where your Son reigns forever as King.


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