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Prayer to the Mighty Hand against enemies

Powerful hand

The Mighty Hand Also known as the Hand of Christ, it is an ancient and very powerful amulet to attract blessings and ward off hexes.

It is a genealogical image that is worshiped with great devotion because it represents the earthly family of Jesus (grandparents and parents).

The outstretched hand represents the family, perched on each finger appear San Joaquin, Santa Ana, San José, the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus.

May this prayer to the Mighty Hand help you to ward off all enemies, external ones who try to harm us, cause us sadness and great pain.

But also those internal enemies "ourselves" who do not allow our light to flourish in favor of our spiritual and mental growth.

Prayer to the Mighty Hand:

In the name of almighty God,

I ask your permission so that as I turn this candle, I turn to my enemies everything bad that they are doing to me, to my house and to everything that belongs to me, because in God's justice I do not owe them anything; that envy, resentment and hatred, and in a bad hour evil turns against themselves, justice, I ask the Supreme One to free me from my enemies, and that all the evil that they want against me is revoked in themselves;

three Our Fathers and three Maria birds.  

? Important: We indicate not to use ordinary candles of doubtful origin for ceremonial or religious purposes.

Many times they are made with already used and recast ropes, this is not typical of devout people and cancels the prayer.

? Procure yourself: a candle made according to the prescriptions of the sacred congregation of classified rites and subject to liturgical rules.

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