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Prayer to the Blessed Virgin of Las Mercedes

Prayer to the Virgin of Mercy

May this prayer to the Virgen de las Mercedes appease your anguish, help you to lessen your sorrows and help you to appease the great sorrows that occupy your soul.

When you are prey to the evil of others or you are strangely disturbedañas influences. In rebellion, oppression and domination. The best request for freedom and redemption. Ask mercy for all human lamentations.

In the Afro-Cuban religion, the Virgin is syncretized with the Orisha Obatala of the Yoruba religion, since in Cuba both deities were fused as a result of a process of acculturation on the island; Above all, their devotees ask for much health, development and prosperity to advance smoothly on the path of life.

Prayer to the Virgen de las Mercedes:

Sweet always Virgin Mary of MercyMost benign Mother of God, shining star of the sea,

beautiful moon without the waning ones of guilt, chosen like the Sun; hey ma'amOur prayers, you who benignly heeded from heaven the sad laments of the miserable captives, who groaned without consolation in the harsh oppression of the Mohammedan barbarians, breaking the fetters and chains that imprisoned them, by means of your Redeemer Religion,

for this deep burning of your charity We ask you, sweet Mary, break the chains of our guilt,

so that free of them, we deserve, to get what we ask of you in this prayer.



⚪ Now three of our fathers and three Hail Mary are prayed, with Gloria Patri (glory to the Father) in reverence for what the Blessed Virgin suffered in that hour when she saw her most holy son spiral and consummated the redemption of the human race.

 ⚪ It is recommended to use a medal or magisterial stop our Lady of the Mercedes during the recitation of this prayer.

In many Christian prayers the use of "Stop" is recommended, but many people do not know what it refers to.

The "Stop" It is a shield, emblem or religious instrument that is used to protect the person who uses it.

This little badge has a picture of the Sacred heart and I usually accompany himaña Quote: «Stop enemy, the heart of Jesus is with me», for that reason the name it adopts.

Although there is no proper place in itself where it should be used, it is recommended to wear it at heart level.

It is also known as Safeguard or Shield of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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