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Prayer to the Blessed Virgin of Regla

Virgin of Regla

In Cuba, the Virgin of Regla, syncretized with the Orisha Yemaya in the Yoruba religion, it is worshiped by all Cubans.

We invoke her with fervor and her prayers are a refuge for the sick, we beg her to free us from heavy anguish, to help us when exhaustion exhausts, when lies confuse us, to save us from dangers, offer us her love and unconditional hug.

His blessing is sacred, his mantle protects us and we ask his permission to cross the seas and calm the storms that afflict us, we are faithful devotees of his crown as our mother.

Virgin of Regla, located in a humble and simple altar in front of the Bay of Havana, dressed in blue, like the clean blue of the seas, which hides so many secrets and contains so much wealth, a virgin adorned with white lace that only reveals her black face, shiny and beautiful.

May this powerful prayer to Our Lady of Regla help you find peace and tranquility in your life.

Prayer to the Virgin of Regla:

Our Lady of Regla,
that you free those who invoke you from many dangers and you guard the navigators on their long and dangerous voyages and you carry them happily to the port they desire; and turning to you, those who are persecuted by their enemies are saved; the sick heal for you,
the disabled gain strength
and generally all evils find a remedy in you, as published by the walls of your temple and the miracles that appear in them.

Venerating your memory,
Oh Maria de Regla, Queen of Heaven!
we implore your patronage and favor,
asking you to reach us of your Divine Son
the comfort of a good conscience,
health and strength to serve Him,
and venerate you, my mother.

We also ask you for the remedy of our
needs and especially that of those
for whom we pray to you.

We hope, Lady, through your intercession, to get what we ask, although our faults make it worthless, because of the effectiveness of your prayers before the Most High.


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys and Glory Be.

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