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We pray to the Blessed Virgin of Carmen "for our salvation"

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin of Carmen

The Virgin of Carmen also known under the name of Saint Mary of Mount Carmel She is a saint who was canonized by the Catholic Church and who presents a fervent religious people who give her their dreams, worries, joys and misfortunes with faith day by day.

This Virgin is considered by many researchers as a direct extension of the Virgin Mary, mother of the Child Jesus.

Virgencita del Carmen, patron saint of the sea

She is the patron saint of the sea, the Navy, the Police and the drivers in many countries of the world, especially in Latin America, since her cult was brought to the region by Spanish missionaries at the time of the conquest and colonization.

The festival of Nuestra Señora del Carmen is celebrated every July 16, a fact that is preceded by its eve and subsequent pilgrimage.

Its religious devotees are governed under the order of the Carmelites.

History shows that the Virgen del Carmen He appeared promising the souls destined for hell their salvation on the Saturday after his death, only if in life they had worn a scapular on their body.

How is the Virgin venerated?

Virgen del Carmen

The Virgen del Carmen must be venerated through good actions of selflessness and love of neighbor.

This saint is offered white and carmelite candles and flower arrangements that imitate the combination of both color tones.

She can be invoked after saying her prayer, to this powerful virgin people come in search of health, freedom and protection.

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin of Carmen for the souls in purgatory

Sovereign Virgin, most glorious Mary, and Tabernacle of the Most Holy Trinity. Amparo and consolation of the afflicted sinners, mother and blazon of the Carmelites.

For the purest cleanliness of your body without blemish,

for the graces and gifts that adorn your most holy soul,

for the life that you made to mirror the just,

for the dignity and greatness of being the mother of God, exalted and exalted among all generations;

for the blissful death of sovereign love,

for the glorious assumption for Queen of Heaven,

for the crown of glory that they gave you to outdo the heavenly saints and choirs,

I beg you, for you have offered it to those who wear your holy scapular and seek to be your children,

help me in life so that with holiness in the soul and purity in the body I can serve [I, mention your full name]

to your son Jesus keeping your holy precepts,

and finally [save me] from the severe penalties of purgatory.

May your sovereign intercession help us so that on the first Saturday after my death I go out to enjoy eternal glory.


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