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A very old prayer to the Virgen de la Candelaria «to ask her a favor»

Prayer to the Virgin Candelaria

Today February 2 is the day of the Virgin of Candelaria, the day we celebrate the Great Lady, the protector of the peoples.

Its name comes from the words candlestick or candle, and it contains a great meaning, it is that powerful and infinite light that shines towards the good paths of life and faith.

A very beloved, venerated and powerful Marian invocation, it should be prayed to it with great faith and love.

And on your day you can offer flowers, fruits or whatever you want to give as an offering to the little virgin, light a candle and ask her for what distresses you, without forgetting to thank her and ask her for her great blessing.

Miraculous prayer to ask the Virgin of Candelaria for the impossible:

Prayer to the Virgin of Candelaria

Most Pure Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Queen of angels and men, who, forty days after the birth of your Divine Son, presented yourself in the temple with the offerings that the law prescribed, taking at the same time your Most Holy Son supreme legislator of heaven and earth,

the one who, having come out of your most chaste bosom, you have left yourselves purer than the sun and more beautiful than the moon.

Virgin most pure before childbirth, in childbirth and after childbirth, who without having the slightest stain to purify yourself, you complied with the law of purification; offering the first-born, with his rescue to give us an example of humility and perfect obedience.

I rejoice, most glorious Virgin Mary, of the heavenly graces that your Divine Child granted you, and of the marvelous virtues that you exercised in the ministry of your purification, and

I beg you, my Mother, grant me for them a perfect obedience to the Holy Law of God, to the evangelical counsels and to the obligations of my state,

so that just as you presented yourselves to offer Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem; so I deserve to be presented by voice in the holy temple of glory, where you live and reign with God the Father, with God and with God the Holy Spirit, and for eternity of eternities.

Blessed and Praised be the Blessed Sacrament of the altar and the Pure and Clean Conception of Mary, conceived without any stain of original sin, from the first moment of her natural being. Amen.

  • Now three Bird Marys will be prayed in reference to the purity of Mary.

Once concluded, each one will ask for the grace or favor that they hope to obtain through the mediation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

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