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The Virgin of the Assumption: Prayer to the protective mother of humanity

Prayer to the Virgin of the Assumption

The Virgin of the Assumption is a Marian invocation referred to the Virgin Mary, where she is described as mother, protector of humanity and insatiable benefactor of the poor and just and noble causes.

It is through this new representation that the devotees identify the image of the Virgin who reached heaven from the hands of the cherubs and who from there plays a leading role in the protection of the world.

The Saint of the Assumption is praised by many religious who have even placed images of him in their temples and homes to indirectly pay homage to the figure of the mother who gives everything for her children.

The Prayer corresponding to the Virgin of the Assumption was created to exalt the Virgin who gave her son to save the rest of humanity.

In this prayer, his miracles and actions are thanked and he is asked for:

  • Achieve peace and
  • the realization of dreams.

Prayer to the Virgin of the Assumption so that he covers us with his protective mantle

Virgin Mary Mother of God at your feet we go, because we want to place ourselves under your divine protection.

We come, mother, to kiss the stars on your mantle, put flowers on your altars and sing our songs to you.

O Virgin of the Assumption, most beautiful dove, you are the whitest and purest and that is why it crowns you.

O Virgin of the Assumption, there is no stain on you, the angels venerate you and the cherub adores you.

Angels and Seraphim acclaim you loudly, flapping their wings joyfully by the throne of the Lord.

You are a Virgin without blemish, you are a mother without equal, like a white messenger dove of peace.

Today in our hearts we will raise an altar and in the middle, my mother, we will place you.

Our tongue will not cease to sing to you night and day and to skewer your glories. Oh sweet Virgin Mary, through your sublime Assumption, we ask you, beloved mother, to free us from the war that causes so much damage.

We ask you immaculate mother for the world, for the prisoners and soldiers, for the peace of the holy land.

Virgin of the Conception give us your grace and your light, to be able to preserve purity and virtue.

We ask you, my mother, that the blasphemers stop and come humbly repentant to praise you.

Save us Virgin, save this Christian people, we ask you with faith, cover us with your mantle and give us your blessing.

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