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Prayer to the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre

Virgin of Charity of Copper

This prayer to the Virgin of Charity of Cobre "Patron Saint of Cuba"It is a copy of the one the Virgin left for the women when the three Juanes were sailing through the sea.

On the way a rainstorm came, their canoe turned and they were drowning.

As they were devotees of the Virgin of Charity and they carried her in a relic around their neck, when they were lost they called for her and she appeared to them in the canoe and saved the three of them:

to Juan Odio, Juan Indio and Juan Esclavo.

After having put them to safety, he said these words to them:

Know, my dear children, that I am the Queen and Mother of Almighty God. and those who believe in my great power and are my devotees, always they will keep my stamp in a relic to accompany you and with this: they will be free from all bad things.

They will be free from all sudden death, they will not be able to bite any angry dog, nor any kind of bad animals.

They will be free of accidents and even if a woman is alone she will not be afraid of anyone, because she will never see visions of any dead, or bad things saying this:

"Charity be with me, and her son with the Evangelical Saints and the Cross on which he died."


Prayer to the Virgin for when a woman is in labor:

And then he said to Juan Esclavo:

"John here I leave this prayer for when a woman is in labor and is afflicted by the pains, so strong that she feels in her heart and that these hours are so sad and bitter and that in a bad birth brings a bad result until she loses her life.

Let him put this prayer on his belly making the sign of the Cross in memory of the seven pains that I had so strong and that from the top of heaven the blessing of God will reach the creature..

MWhile praying a creed to the Great Power of God and a Hail to the Blessed Virgin of Charity, will deliver your child safely, Amen Jesus"

? It is recommended to copy this sentence or print it.

For this sentence to take effect, the person who has it you must put your first and last name here: _____________ (at the end of the prayer).

Prayer to the Virgin “Patron Saint of Cuba”:

Most Holy Virgin of Charity, my mother and sovereign lady, with how much joy I come to prostrate myself at your feet!

Virgin of Miracles as our elders called you: heal the sick, comfort the afflicted, give encouragement to the desperate, preserve our families,
protect the youth, protects childhood, promotes the unity of Cubans.

From your Sanctuary of El Cobre, venerated Virgin of Charity, always be the source of all thanks for our people.


? Long live the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre! ?

In the Afro-Cuban religion, the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre is syncretized with the Goddess Orisha Oshún.

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