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I pray to the Virgin of Mercy "Saint of Mercy" for protection

Prayer to the Virgen de las Mercedes for protection

Our Lady of the Mercedes It is a Catholic invocation made to the Virgin Mary.

This saint represents all the pure feelings that exist about the world, for this reason she identifies with the color white.

Devotion to the Merciful Virgin in Cuba.

Church of the Virgen de las Mercedes
Church of the Virgen de las Mercedes in Al Habana

The devotion to her image in the Cuban people is very high, due to the power of her miracles and the compassion she shows for her children, she was baptized under the nickname of the Virgin of Mercy.

His feast is celebrated every year on September 24, taking place in his sanctuary located in the capital city of Old Havana.

This virgin is invoked through her prayer, which constitutes a plea for protection and compassion for those who suffer, it can be used in case of help in the face of illness, loss and judicial problems.

How is the Virgen de la Merced represented?

The Mercedarian habit represents his clothing consisting of a tunic, scapular and cape, all in white, with the Mercedarian shield on his chest which constitutes his main symbol.

The chains and the shackle, symbols of captivity and the liberation that occurs after it, are usually associated with the image of this virgin.

It is common to represent the Virgin of Mercy wearing a queen's crown and a scepter in her right hand, while holding the Child Jesus with her left arm, who can also carry a scapular in her hands.

Prayer to the Virgen de las Mercedes for protection:

Virgin of Mercy, Mother of God and of the Church, queen of angels and refuge of sinners, I approach you full of love and trust, sure that you always listen to your children, because you are a mother of mercy.

I ask you dear mother, that my faith, hope and charity grow and be strengthened. May I live as a true child of God and as a true child of yours, my mother I consecrate to you all that I have and what I am, my life, my works, my joys and sufferings.

I want to be totally yours, I want to follow your steps on the path that leads to Christ the redeemer of men, do not abandon me, heavenly mother, grant me what I ask from my heart for myself and all those who suffer and those who mourn.

I ask you especially for those who, whether guilty or not, are serving a sentence in prison, give them strength, so that they do not feel alone, never knowing that you are with them.añas and that their family and friends love them and remember them fondly.

I promise to always be grateful for your favors and to love you more every day, Virgin of Mercy, always pray for me and for all your children. Amen.

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