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What you did not know about the Virgin of Loreto: Meet this beautiful prayer

Prayer to the Virgin of Loreto

The Virgin of Loreto is a Catholic Marian invocation which alludes to the Virgin Mary, with Our Lady of Loreto being its closest attribution to the Annunciation of the Virgin,

Reason why his sanctuary is built in Italy, which was baptized as the Sanctuary of the Holy House.

When is the feast of the Virgin of Loreto?

His festivity is celebrated on December 10, as the Catholic faith dictates it.

Although from the period in which her appearance occurred, her eve is celebrated with equal fervor, at which time they offer the saint white candles and black princes, the name given to red roses in the Caribbean territory.

Why invoke the Saint at night?

A curious data respect It is to this saint that she receives petitions preferably at nightfall.

Phenomenon that conditions that on her eve the devotees make supplications and let her rest at the time of her saints.

to the mañaNext, the religious make a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Loreto, thereby showing the respect and devotion they feel for the Virgin. 

The Patroness of aviation and the needy

Our Lady of Loreto is the patroness of the air forces and aeronautics.

Although it also protects the unknown and the needy, faith and charity being the major forces that mobilize it, thereby showing the love of neighbor that has characterized the action of the Virgin.

Offerings and petitions to the Virgin:

Some religious established as a fashion to write petitions to the Virgin, this being a respected example for their devotion, as well as the pleasure of dedicating red candles to her to match the carmine roses, which are their favorites.

Prayer to Our Lady of Loreto to beg for her protection and help

O merciful advocate and protector of homes

That are placed under your protection and protection

Pour most holy blessing on us,

So that you get away from my soul and from this home

The penalties that seize us

And let's see made with your help and kindness

From the divine lord, the wishes we ask of you.

Yes, pious virgin, welcome our prayers with sweetness

And the mercy that God has put in your heart.

Protect our companies, overcome our difficulties,

And never allow any doubt, so much of our soul,

Like material and evil stalks, pierce the thresholds

From this humble house.

To your protection and protection, mother of God we come.

Do not despise our prayers and all the dangers

Glorious and Blessed Virgin, always defend your children.


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